3 Tips on Social Media Branding

3 Easy Tips on Social Media Branding

Do you want to build your social media branding but you don’t know where to start?

Here are 3 tips on how to start building your social media branding. I focus specifically on Facebook because you can position yourself as an expert there faster.

Social Media Branding: Is it for you???

Almost every person you know is on Facebook. Heck almost every human is on Facebook. If you are not building your brand with a conscious intention then you are falling behind. I personally did not focus on branding myself for the longest time. Huge Mistake

Over the last 3-4 years I have built up my brand using the 3 tips in the video below. You have to realize this is not an overnight process. Just like any really good company out there, branding takes time, sweat, money, and tears. The strategies below are free strategies you can start implementing right away.

1-Purge Your Facebook of Your MLM Company

People do not want to see your company splattered all over Facebook. I know I personally do not hop on social media every morning looking to buy. It would be a safe bet to say almost NO one does that. Stop plastering your company on Facebook.

2-Start Posting Daily Value Content on Facebook

People love great content and so does Facebook and Google. If you want to start building a social media branding platform you need to start adding content on social platforms. I suggest starting with Facebook since everyone is on there.

3-Connect with Like Minded People Daily

The biggest way to build your social media brand is to connect with like minded people daily on Facebook or other social platforms. I provide some excellent ways to do this easily in the video.

If you have any additional branding suggestions for beginners just leave a comment and will update this post.


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