Attraction Marketing vs Old School Marketing

People in the Network Marketing profession are struggling. Frustration is mounting from a vast majority of distributors within the profession. At the same time, people are having amazing success building their businesses and making a ton of money. There seems to be a big discord between top earners and EVERYBODY else.

What gives?

How are people making this much money? For the average distributor it is extremely hard to make $500 let alone $500K per year.

After studying the profession and giving a considerable amount of thought on this problem, what I have come up with is not one good answer. There several answers to the disparity of success between average earners and top earners.  

People in our profession are being taught Old School Marketing in a technology driven age. Strategies which dominated the industry for decades still work, but they are not as effective as they once were. People are different and times are different.

People are so connected with technology they have become disconnected with society. This is why building through Old School Marketing strategies are becoming less and less effective.

Which method is better: Attracting Marketing or Old School Marketing? 

I believe they are BOTH the best option at the same time.

If you are focusing only on one you are losing big on the other.


I am not going to go into depth on Old School Marketing. You know what this is if you have been in Network Marketing longer than a week. This has been the dominating strategy since the 60’s and this strategy works, if…

…you have skills, connections, and influence. But the reality is most people who come into Network Marketing are just everyday people who lack those qualities. The great thing about skills, connections, and influence is you can gain each of these over time with practice and persistence.

When we sponsor a new distributor in the Network Marketing profession we 3d-decay-graph-bar-1237723-640x480are basically on the clock. There is an clock based off of an exponential decay graph for each new distributor. If we do not help that distributor get success quickly they will “decay” out of the business. There are exceptions to this rule, but for the vast majority of people this is the rule. The new distributors excitement starts very high, but if they do not have success quickly they “decay” exponentially fast. For the majority of distributors they “decay” out of the business within 90 days or less. This is a shame in my opinion, but this is a topic for another day.


In my opinion Attraction Marketing is the cutting edge of our industry. This is a strategy you need to have in your toolbox if you want to build a team using technology.

Times are different and people are different. Almost everyone you know is connected to some form of social media. Most likely they are connected using their smart phone. So if everyone you know is connected to social media, what do you think people you don’t know are connected to?

Everyone is connected, so why not find a way to ATTRACT them to you.

Attracting people online must be in your marketing strategy if you want to build a GLOBAL business.

Would you rather be the hunter or the hunted? Would you rather chase your friends, family, and people you meet around, or would you rather attract people who share similar interests?

I personally love connecting with people who think the same as me. There is a level of rapport instantly there, and you will connect on a deeper level. Building a relationship with that person will be exponentially easier and will happen quicker.


Most people have very little training in Attraction Marketing. Companies do not emphasis training on this because it takes some work and time to become proficient. Companies have to train for the masses of people, which is understandable because not everyone wants to put in work to build a GLOBAL business.

Companies in our industry train the “Shotgun Method.” They teach and train new distributors to show everyone in their circle of influence the product and/or opportunity as FAST as possible, while providing minimal training on how to really be successful with this method.

Through the process of shotgun blasting the opportunity through a new distributor’s circle of influence a few special people might will take off with the opportunity. The people who do take off using this strategy will grow extremely fast because they have skills, connections, and influence. People like this are the MINORITY.


Attraction marketing does require work and training. With the right training and system, you can quickly start attracting people to you and your opportunity. I suggest this FREE ATTRACTION MARKETING BOOTCAMP to help get started and learn how to bring people to you every single day.

You have to master many skills if you want to build a truly successful Network Marketing business. You NEED to master the Old School Marketing methods because they do work. They are just not the most efficient way to grow your business.

Attraction Marketing is the Future of our profession and the people who master these marketing skills will be the next 7 Figure Earners in the profession.

Attraction Marketing has changed our life. My wife and I use Attraction Marketing every single day because we know it works. Our results speak for themselves. 

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