Repurposing Content

Why You Should Be Repurposing Content From Periscope

Here in today’s post I talk about why you should be repurposing content from periscope for you blog. This is a quick and easy hack to help you put out more content on a consistent basis, while you are building up a live audience. Feel free to share this with your team, friends, and/or other bloggers…

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Blog Video Editing

How To Streamline Blog Video Editing

Here I will share exactly what I do for blog video editing quickly and how to create blog posts out of your videos. Feel free to share this with anyone you know who is blogging or would like to become a blogger. Blog Video Editing Steps I have a PC and not a Mac, so I am…

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life lessons

How Life Lessons Have The Power To Shape Our Destiny

This post and video is a tribute to my Uncle Rick. He fought the good fight until the end last week. I share with you the life lessons he taught me from his death bed. These life lessons changed my life and I pray they can impact yours. Feel free to share this with your…

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Fail Your Way to Success

Is It Possible To Fail Your Way To Success?

Is It Possible To Fail Your Way To Success? Here I share with you a recent failure of mine, which led to a huge success. Can you fail your way to success? People think success is a straight line. This is far from the truth. Feel free to share this post with your team, friends,…

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Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips To Help You Become An Authority

Video is the biggest way I build my business, today I will show you my video marketing tips to help you become an authority in any niche. If you want to start attracting people to you, getting more leads, prospects, and sales these video marketing tips will help you! How would you like to become an…

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Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Marketing: Sould You Be Using Snapchat To Build Your Home Business

Here are my thoughts and observations based off of statistics on why you should be using Snapchat marketing in your home business. Feel free to share this list with your team, friends, family, heck with anyone who wants to build a following online {Training} Snapchat Domination Webinar We are having a training webinar on Thursday June…

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social media network marketing

Truthful Social Media Network Marketing Tips

Here is I give a full blown rant on truthful social media network marketing tips. Feel free to share this rant with people who need help marketing their business or with people who are not marketing their business correctly. Social Media Network Marketing Rant Today I’ve got a message for network marketers. Today I’ve got…

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Best Mindset Books

My Crazy Journey to Freedom Through the Best Mindset Books

Here are the 6 best mindset books that changed my life. Feel free to share this list with your team, friends, family, heck with anyone who needs a better mindset. Defeated and Broken In 2014, I was completely broke. Financially. Mentally. Physically. I was a complete wreck. My whole focus was on how bad my situation…

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MLM Recruiting Posture

Tips for MLM Recruiting Posture

  Would you believe me if told you the way to recruit more people is to improve your MLM Recruiting Posture? Feel free to share this MLM recruiting secret with your teammates and friends. How Important is Your MLM Recruiting Posture? This is absolutely the most fundamental secret to success in business period, not just MLM. If you have…

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Periscope Tips and Tricks

Savvy Periscope Tips and Tricks To Dominate

Watch the short video for our Periscope tips and tricks, you will love them! Feel free to share this social media training with your team and friends. How to Use Periscope to Build Your Business I am a huge fan of Periscope. If you use this app correctly you will be able to build a…

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