Best Mindset Books

My Crazy Journey to Freedom Through the Best Mindset Books

Here are the 6 best mindset books that changed my life.Best Mindset Books

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Defeated and Broken

In 2014, I was completely broke. Financially. Mentally. Physically. I was a complete wreck.

My whole focus was on how bad my situation was. How I couldn’t catch a break. How I couldn’t break through like so many other people had.

Back in 2014, I was teaching high school in a very difficult school district. My wife and I were about to have a baby. I was totally freaked out. We didn’t have a plan. I knew all of this wouldn’t end well for me. There literally was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Freedom Through Your Mindset

The funny thing about my situation is I knew how to change everything. Yet, I would not take the action needed to make it happen. Sounds crazy, right?

I had a coach recommend Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill back in 2012. I even read that book cover to cover. I got fired up…but I didn’t change a thing. Hell, I even taught several principles from the book my first year of teaching to my students.

In 2014, we stumbled into a home business because we were looking to change our financial situation. We were blessed by this decision because we partnered up with an amazing mentor and now my best friend, Andi.

The very first advice Andi gave me was a quote from Benjamin Franklin:

-Take a coin from your purse and invest it into your mind. It will come pouring out of your mind and overflow your purse-

I trusted Andi’s words of wisdom and have been borderline fanatically about reading, learning, and growing every single day since 2014. I made a decision to study the best mindset books because I needed more out of life.

6 of the Best Mindset Books

Each one of these books shaped who I have become during this process. The riches in these books are deep and can change your life like they have mine.

Think and Grow Rich is my second favorite book of all time behind the Bible. This book is a MUST if you want to have a breakthrough in your mindset. It is one of the best mindset books of ALL time. The depth and riches in this book has contributed to more millionaires than any other book.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I do not read this book. I study this book. If you want to develop a bulletproof  mindset, you need to consume this book everyday. There is not a day that goes by that I do not dive into this treasure. Trust me on this. Get this book today, and never put it down. You will thank me after you start studying this book. My only request is you give me a cut of your future millions. I’m just joking (seriously though…I accept Paypal).

The first book Andi suggested to me was The Magic of Thinking Big. This book expanded my thinking on what was possible with my home business. To often, we play small and set ourselves up for failure. We limit our success because we honestly do not think BIG enough. There really is magic in our thoughts. Don’t limit the amount of success you can have in life by not thinking big enough.

While Think and Grow Rich has had the most impact on my life, The Compound Effect showed me how to actually make myself successful. Darren Hardy breaks it down into easy concepts. If you grow just 1 millimeter every single day, in two years, you will be unrecognizable. When I read through this book in the summer of 2014, I made a commitment to myself. I would read at least 10 pages per day, and either listen or watch 30 minutes of something educational. My success comes down to sticking with these commitments. Thank you Darren Hardy for showing me this secret!!

How To Win Friends & Influence PeopleThis book is a must read if you are…well…HUMAN. How to Win Friends & Influence people is the blueprint for building relationships and caring for people. When I started to read this book, I noticed people responded to me differently because I started to focus on applying the principles from the book. Reading a book is great, but applying what you read is what works.

After reading the book, I wanted to put the principals to work, so I made a little game with my wife. I got an old school mason jar and told Bianca I was going to put $1 in the jar every time I criticized, condemned, or complained about anything. I held on this for a long time, and it changed the way my mind worked. Somehow, we got away from this game, but now I think I am going to have to restart it. Here is a fun little picture from a Facebook post from 2014.

Tony Robbins states this book is The New Science of Personal Achievement. I 100% absolutely agree. This book gave me strategies to breakthrough in my life personally. It is one of the best mindset books in the world. After seeing Tony Robbins at his live event Unleash the Power Within in 2015, something within me changed. Tony gave me the tools to fix myself and breakthrough my limiting beliefs. We all have limiting beliefs, and they need to be crushed. Tony gives you step-by-step instructions on how to release your power, and take control of your life. I am forever grateful for Tony Robbins. Thank you Tony Robbins for showing me how to take my whole life to the next level by connecting me with my truth.

My mentor Andi suggested I read this book in the summer of 2015. I consumed it like wild fire. From 2014 to 2015, you would have called me a Go-Getter. I chased success relentlessly and often selfishly. I was going to get everything I wanted, and you would have to send an army to stop me.

After reading this book and thoroughly studying it, I had an epiphany. Success was alluding me because I was chasing it and worried about getting success. Once I saw the true path to success, which is giving more in return than you expect back, my whole life changed. I started focusing on putting more value in the market place. The more value you provide the better you will be compensated. Within 4 months of reading this book, I was able to retire from my teaching career because our business exploded. I stopped focusing on making money and started focusing on helping and adding value to others. If you make this shift, you will start to see the results I had.

Other Lists of the Best Mindset Books

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The books on this list are the books that impacted my life the most. What are some of the books that have had the most impact in our life?

Comment below and let me know what are must read book in your opinion.

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