Best Snapchats to follow

Best Snapchats To Follow For Entrepreneurs

Best Snapchats to followToday’s video episode I give you the 5 best Snapchats to follow for entrepreneurs. But I would like to know who you follow…

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As you know by know, I’m all in on Snapchat. I love this app and I love how engaging it is. Snapchat almost forces you to engage because all your Snap stories disappear in 24 hours.

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Best Snapchats to Follow for Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Snapchat Entrepreneurs

Gary Vaynerchuck

Love Gary Vee! He’s not afraid to tell you like it is, and I love that about his message. He has been telling people to get on Snapchat for years now. I think it’s time to start listening this man. He has gone from the wine guy to one of the top entrepreneurs because of his hustle, vision, and early adoption of social media strategies.

If you haven’t read his book you need to check it out. Click here to take a look at it. All entrepreneurs need to read this book.

Gary Vee Snapcode

Tai Lopez

Very brilliant marketer and guy in general. Tai is an avid reader, which I love because I read every single day. This guy is beast mode on books though. Just Google Tai Lopez’s book lists. This guy reads almost everything. I knew you probably wouldn’t Google that so I did it for you. Click here to check it out.

On his Snapchat, Tai has someone follow him around all day and Snap his whole day. So if you check out his story for one day don’t be surprised to see a ton of Snaps. You will also see nice cars, houses, women, a lot of basketball, books, martial arts, working out, and basically his whole life.

Tai Lopez snapcode

John Lee Dumas

The podcasting KING. Everyday JLD has a new podcast on his show Entrepreneur on Fire. He is on like 4 or 5 years in a row with a show every single day.

When I met him in San Diego he had around 150 podcasts done and ready to be released. That is efficiency. This guy has a great system down. Follow him for tips and advice on how to be awesome. Plus he lives in an amazing place.

John lee dumas snapcode

Ray Higdon

My man Ray. He’s not only on here because he is my mentor, but this guy absolutely crushes online marketing and training. If you are not familiar with him, you need to become very familiar with him. His company just made the Fortune 5000 list of top private companies in America. Click here to check out his post on that accomplishment.

Probably Ray’s most popular Snaps are of his beautiful 10 month old daughter Sabrnia and his famous thumbs up when he plugs in his Tesla to charge. Lol.

Ray Higdon Snapcode

Chris Record

He might have the coolest BMW ever, except it’s orange. Super nice though. Chris just launched his new company Tecademics, which is an online marketing college. Super big and people are excited about it. He Snaps all day, so you can see what is going on with him daily.

Chris Record Snapcode

Dennis Ray Taylor

The man the myth the legend. Haha. What would a top entrepreneurs list be without including yourself. But seriously…Snapchat is where I’m planting my flag and settling in. Love this app and what it can do. Watch me daily show you how I have build a six figure plus business in the last year using social media and a laptop.

Dennis silver snapcode 1

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