How to keep momentum after UPW Free Blueprint

How To Keep Momentum After UPW: Free Blueprint

Controlling your state is the KEY to keep momentum. The focus of this blueprint is to help you keep momentum by maintaining your state. Please feel free to share this with other firewalkers who need a blueprint to keep momentum. I am open to adding to this blueprint. If you feel something is missing please leave…

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Your Why

Your Why And How You Can Create The Life You Always Wanted

People say when you find your why the How gets easier. Here I share with you how your why can change your life. Please share this with people you care about and want great things for. Until someone knows What Is Your Why? That’s a question people always ask in this business and this industry…

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life lessons

How Life Lessons Have The Power To Shape Our Destiny

This post and video is a tribute to my Uncle Rick. He fought the good fight until the end last week. I share with you the life lessons he taught me from his death bed. These life lessons changed my life and I pray they can impact yours. Feel free to share this with your…

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Fail Your Way to Success

Is It Possible To Fail Your Way To Success?

Is It Possible To Fail Your Way To Success? Here I share with you a recent failure of mine, which led to a huge success. Can you fail your way to success? People think success is a straight line. This is far from the truth. Feel free to share this post with your team, friends,…

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Best Mindset Books

My Crazy Journey to Freedom Through the Best Mindset Books

Here are the 6 best mindset books that changed my life. Feel free to share this list with your team, friends, family, heck with anyone who needs a better mindset. Defeated and Broken In 2014, I was completely broke. Financially. Mentally. Physically. I was a complete wreck. My whole focus was on how bad my situation…

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Review: No Excuses Summit Day 1

If you are not growing you are dying. Progress equals happiness. I am a huge believer in the power of personal development and personal growth. The best thing you can invest into in your business is not a website, tools, gadgets, cars, etc… it is yourself! You are the best investment you could make. I…

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Who Are You Following???

There is a heavy current pushing the masses of people in a direction. People float around with this current doing as they are told. The major problem is people are following followers. I finally said what people are thinking and feeling. People are following people who have no idea where they are going. The masses…

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A Key to Success

I am a morning person. I have been this way as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until recently did I really understand how crucial the morning time is to your success. I want to share with you two things that can help you take your life to a new level this year. Over…

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Do You Pay Attention to the Details?

Do You Pay Attention to the Details? People often overlook the details in life. I am guilty of this from time to time. I did recently, over the past few years, start focusing more on the details. A perfect example about paying attention to the details is when you are connecting with people with the…

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Hello 2016

Hello 2016, Do you feel the energy surrounding 2016? It is heavy in the air. I have never experienced the world moving the way it is right now. So many things are CRAZY and so many things are EXCITING at the same time. Last year was a great year, but it is gone, never to…

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