Prospecting and Recruiting Summit Day 1 Recap

Today’s video episode I share with you my top take away’s from the Prospecting and Recruiting Summit 2016. My mentor and coach Ray Higdon has put together an amazing event, yet again. If you are not here then you need to get to next years event, because this event is going to be a staple…

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Should You Be Prospecting on Facebook

Should You Be Prospecting On Facebook

Here in today’s post I show you why you should be prospecting on Facebook to build your network marketing business. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, and you need to leverage it to build your business. Please feel free to share this with your team. Should You Be Prospecting on Facebook?…

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Attraction Marketing vs Old School Marketing

People in the Network Marketing profession are struggling. Frustration is mounting from a vast majority of distributors within the profession. At the same time, people are having amazing success building their businesses and making a ton of money. There seems to be a big discord between top earners and EVERYBODY else. What gives? How are…

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