Best Snapchats to follow

Best Snapchats To Follow For Entrepreneurs

Today’s video episode I give you the 5 best Snapchats to follow for entrepreneurs. But I would like to know who you follow… …drop a comment and let me know who else I should be following. Feel free to share this with anyone who can get value from this episode. As you know by know, I’m…

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Marketing With Snapchat

Marketing With Snapchat To Build A Key Asset

In today’s episode we talk about marketing with Snapchat to build a key asset. It might not be what you think, but it’s worth its weight in GOLD. Rookie marketers think or believe marketing is just shouting as loud as the can to BUY their product. We know marketing is really adding value and talking about the…

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How Much Is Snapchat Worth

How Much Is Snapchat Worth?

In today’s show we talk about how much is Snapchat worth. Valuations of companies rise and fall. Snapchat has the brightest future out of any social media app (outside of Facebook) I have seen. Snapchat was able to get a 254 times valuation of their revenue based off of the capital they were able to…

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What Is Snapchat: 7 Reasons You Need To Be Using Snapchat

What is Snapchat? I get asked this question almost every time I talk about the app to anyone not a millennial or younger. Today I am going to show you 7 reason you need to be using Snapchat if you are build an online business. Feel free to share this with anyone you know looking…

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How To Snapchat Like A Pro

How To Use Snapchat Like A Pro

Here I show you how to use Snapchat like a pro. Everything starts with your mindset when you use Snapchat. Feel free to share this out with your team, friends, family, and those “Facebook friends.” LOL How would you like to use Snapchat like a pro? I’m going to show you how you can quickly…

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Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Marketing: Sould You Be Using Snapchat To Build Your Home Business

Here are my thoughts and observations based off of statistics on why you should be using Snapchat marketing in your home business. Feel free to share this list with your team, friends, family, heck with anyone who wants to build a following online {Training} Snapchat Domination Webinar We are having a training webinar on Thursday June…

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