Money Midset

Money Mindset: 5 Simple Strategies To Change Your Money Situation

In today’s episode we dive into money mindset. Most people have blocks that are holding them back from making more money. Here I show 5 simple money mindset shifts you can use to change your money situation. Feel free to share this with your team, friends, coworkers, or who ever you feel would benefit from a…

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Who Are You Following???

There is a heavy current pushing the masses of people in a direction. People float around with this current doing as they are told. The major problem is people are following followers. I finally said what people are thinking and feeling. People are following people who have no idea where they are going. The masses…

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The Best Time to Join a Company

The best time to join a company is going to be different for everybody. Timing is very crucial. I was talking to a potential business partner last night, and he told me he had looked at several different companies over the last couple of years. He continued to tell me he has never joined a…

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