NES7 Day 2: Ray, McShea, Reed, Holmer…Oh My

Ray Higdon, Vince Reed, Andrew & Kate McShea, Holly Homer… Oh My!!!

Yesterday was packed with so much content and value. I am so glad we made the investment to come out to San Diego and invest into ourselves.

Ray Higdon set the tone for the day. The more I hear Ray speak and get to personally know him I am more and more impressed. He has very deep depths to him.

Vince…Man Vince is an amazing man. It was so awesome because he had his daughter at the event. Similar to Ray last month in Florida. I told him, “Real men bring their daughters to their events!!” Maybe I am partial since I am having a little baby girl in less than 1 month. Vince dropped so much content on us. It was amazing watching him in the zone.

Andrew & Kate McShea could have possibly been the best presenters. They were both very polished with their presentations, and they still were able to deliver amazing content. They crush video marketing and you can tell why. Both of these individuals are dedicated to their craft and it comes out in everything they do.

Holly Homer just blew me away. It as if she almost accidentally stumbled into a multi-million dollar business. She has 5 (YES FIVE) different blogs getting over 1 million traffic hits per month. Wow. Just let that sink in. I will wait…………. She flat out crushes her business.

After Party???

Well not quite an after party but my brother-in-law and I went out to dinner with Ray and the McShea’s. It was awesome just to learn from the best and build relationships with them.

When you see people out of the spotlight, you are able to see their true colors. I hadn’t met the McShea’s before and actually only seen them live at this event. They were both amazing people who cared about others. Both of them really want to make a difference in the world.

One thing that stood out was the level of deep intelligence these individuals have. All of them think different than your average marketer because they are very good at asking really really good questions.

Day 2 Video Review

Here is a quick recap of my notes from the event.


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