Do You Pay Attention to the Details?

Do You Pay Attention to the Details?

People often overlook the details in life. I am guilty of this from time to time. I did recently, over the past few years, start focusing more on the details.

A perfect example about paying attention to the details is when you are connecting with people with the intention of networking with them. Some people do not listen to other people. They act like they are listening, but as soon as the other person pauses for a second they start with their own story. It is really horrible that most people do not know how to communicate.

Here is what you should do.

You should listen. I mean really listen and take notes if you are not in person. Take mental notes if you are talking to them in person. Pay attention to the details they are telling you and ask good questions. Most importantly, you should show genuine interest in them by listening. When people know you are truly listening, you will build a quicker connection with them.

Some people are never heard. When you actually listen to them, you make them feel special. In return, they will move mountains for you. I love to genuinely be interested in people and to listen to them.

When you are prospecting for your business, listen to people because they are telling you what they need. Take very detailed notes because you may need to refer back to them at another time.

Pay attention to the details and success will find you faster! Most people do not pay attention to the details, so you will stick out above the masses. People will see you are different and will be attracted to you.

I hope the video will help you. I wanted to keep it short today. Happy 1st Monday of 2016!!!!


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