How Much Is Snapchat Worth

How Much Is Snapchat Worth?

How Much Is Snapchat WorthIn today’s show we talk about how much is Snapchat worth. Valuations of companies rise and fall. Snapchat has the brightest future out of any social media app (outside of Facebook) I have seen.

Snapchat was able to get a 254 times valuation of their revenue based off of the capital they were able to raise. To put this in to perspective, Facebook has a valuation of 17 times their revenue.

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How Much Is Snapchat Worth

According to valuations based off of private capital investments of $1.8 Billion in early 2016, Snapchat is valued around $20 billion.

This valuation comes with a little bit of guessing and estimations, because Snapchat really only started monetizing the app in the 4th quarter of 2016. So getting that big of a valuation, it’s pretty awesome and tells you private investors see a bright future with this app.

So how much is Snapchat worth, really? Based off of revenue, in 2015 Snapchat made $60 million in revenue. However, Snapchat only started trying to make revenue in the last quarter. Their projected revenue for 2016 is between $250 and $350 million.

Snapchat has also projected revenue for 2017 at $1 billion. The current valuation would put it about 20 times based on the revenue projections for 2017.

That’s freaking awesome because Snapchat really has not focused on monetizing the app, but they are turning that piece around. They have ads they’re starting to role out and based on my research it is very expensive to get an in story ad.

Advertising on Snapchat is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range because of how many video views are on Snapchat. It’s been reported there are over $10 billion daily video views on Snapchat at the time of this recording. That is mind blowing and that’s significant. The growth curve of this app is amazing.

You Should Be On Snapchat

If you’re not on Snapchat or you’re thinking about getting on it, this is only a 4 year old app. The people getting on it and building their brands now, like these mega moguls who’ve already started to do it, are going to reap the rewards of having a following when everyone flocks over to it in droves.

What I suggest is for everyone to start building your following. Start putting out great content and start learning how to market on Snapchat, because you can make a lot of money marketing on this app.

Having Trouble Building A Following

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Based on the numbers I showed in this article about how much is Snapchat worth, a $20 billion valuation for a 4 year old company, that’s amazing. This app isn’t going anywhere.

This app is going to blow up even more. More and more people are going to get on this app and it’s going to be an opportunity for those who get on it first. If you have any marketing skills or are willing to learn some marketing skills you can build a business using this app.

Snapchat is only going to make this a better app. You’ll be able to use good marketing strategies to build revenue in your business and build your brand. I suggest you learn how to build a following quickly.

I’ve done that the last couple of months and built mine up to thousands of followers. Connect with me on Snapchat. My username is dennistaylor follow me and see what I’m doing every day. See how I’m building my business, and see the behind the scenes of my life.

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