How to keep momentum after UPW Free Blueprint

How To Keep Momentum After UPW: Free Blueprint

How to keep momentum after UPW Free BlueprintControlling your state is the KEY to keep momentum. The focus of this blueprint is to help you keep momentum by maintaining your state.

Please feel free to share this with other firewalkers who need a blueprint to keep momentum. I am open to adding to this blueprint. If you feel something is missing please leave a comment about what helps you stay in state.

Before we jump into the post, I want to thank Tony Robbins for everything he does. What he has put together during a UPW weekend is truly amazing and life changing.

Tony is the baddest MF alive in my opinion. Because of the strategies Tony showed us, I have been able to destroy my limiting beliefs and create real breakthroughs in my life.

I found my TRUTH and my POWER at both of the UPW’s I have attended in the last 12 months. I am no longer held back by stories which did not serve me or my family.

Thank you Tony I am forever grateful for your mission and heart to serve so many for so long. I appreciate you did not create the change in me, but showed me strategies and a plan to create my own breakthrough. I am walking proof that what you teach works, if it is applied with consistent daily actions.

How To Keep Momentum After UPW

Just like working out, the muscle you build to go into state needs to be worked out everyday until it becomes second nature. Humans are creatures of habit and there will be a natural tendency to fall back into old patterns, even after going through this life changing event.

If you focus on maintaining your empowering state, you will keep momentum and build a strong muscle. You will keep the breakthrough, and you will unleash the power within daily.

Using Your Triad is the Key

The triad by Tony RobbinsThe basis of controlling your state goes back to the Triad Tony talks about at UPW.

  • Physiology
  • Focus
  • Language

I am going to show you in this blueprint how you can master your Triad and keep momentum going everyday. You will develop such a strong emotional muscle you will be able to summon your emotions at will.


A radical change in your physiology will cause a radical change in your emotions. Focus on keeping your physiology engaged as much as possible. This is the quickest way to change your state to keep momentum going strong. Be aware of your posture and how you are moving your body. Remember that 1mm shift can make all the difference.


Your focus equals how you feel. When you focus on dis-empowering situations you will be dis-empowered. Change your focus and your energy will change. Feeling is the basis of life. When you feel you are loosing momentum just change your focus and you will feel the momentum coming back. Remember where your focus goes your energy flows.


There is so so much power with your words. The way you speak and the words you speak give meaning to life. When you use empowering language in your life you will be propelled into momentum. The opposite is true if you speak negativity into your life.

Connecting All Three Pieces of the Triad

When you can use all three aspects of triad to start serving your life, you will see how much fun life is and how easy it is to keep momentum going every single day.

I am going to break down what I do on a consistent daily basis to keep the momentum going since UPW Chicago 2015. Almost 12 months have gone by and I have soared to new heights in every aspect of my life because I have implemented Tony’s key teachings into my daily life.

Sharing these with you is truly a blessing. My focus is to show you an easy way to reach the heights I have reached over the last year!! Come join the select people who implement Tony’s core teaching and make a stand to change your life. Don’t settle in your life and fall back into the old patterns.

Lets Jump Into The Blueprint

I am going to focus on 7 strategies in this blueprint to help you maintain your momentum. These are critically important. The UPW event is the best experience I have ever had in my life. I have gone to 2 UPW’s over the last year and I will most likely go to at least 1 annually.

Humans are very interesting. Tony gives us all the tools needed to make the change in our life and keep that change after the event. It is sad most people will fall back into the old patterns.

I am forever grateful for my experience’s at both UPW’s. I found myself again. I learned how to control my emotions and unleash my power. My life has been an exponential climb since the first UPW. Using Tony’s strategies and the steps in this blueprint I was able to build a thriving business and walk away from my career as a teacher at the age of 30.

My wife and I live the life of our dreams now. We get to spend everyday with our family and we work for ourselves. We make the rules in our life. We also have a business where we can directly help other people create lasting change in their life.

How To Use The Blueprint

Everything I am about to share with you is what Tony teaches at UPW. These strategies work and are easy to implement. The only day we have promised is today. Tomorrow is not promised. Live each day with passion and be better than the day before.

Find a way to fit these into your daily schedule. You will find after implementing these strategies you might have to cut certain things in your life. So be it!!! Find what works for you and keep momentum going.


First Step to Keep Momentum After UPW – Priming

This strategy is the foundation of all the other strategies to keep momentum going. Priming is critically important. Priming sets the stage every single day to make sure you start the day off in a peak state. This helps you start each day living in gratitude. This makes your goals clear.

What I have done since UPW in 2015 in Chicago was use a link to a Tony Robbins recorded priming session. This recording has really helped have amazing priming sessions.

Click Here to access the link from Tony Robbin’s website. The priming session is at the bottom of the page on this link.

Focused Priming Is Crucial

After my first UPW for a few weeks, I just tried to do the priming session with some good music in the background and it was not directed, it was not focused.

When I found this link, my whole experience with priming went to another level. Tony takes you through the whole process of the breathing exercises, the living in gratitude, sending, receiving, strengthening, the whole process and then your goals.

I do this every single day. Probably for the last year I have done it for 95% of the days. The days I did not prime I noticed I did not have a great day. It is critically important to prime every single day because it sets the tone.

I have also had times where maybe I was shaken up during the day or I had a big meeting coming up, I just sat there and did a 15 minute priming session just to make sure that I kept my intensity and focus.

Priming Tony Robbins

You need to prime every single day  at least for the first 60 days following UPW. If you do not prime consistently and build that muscle after about a month, you are going to lose most of the momentum you built at the event. You will. You will lose momentum because you are not hitting your core state to start your day.


Priming Tips

Here are some suggestions that will help you maximize your priming session before you actually prime, Before you go through this audio that Tony has on his website, here are some strategies that has helped me make sure that I prime really well. I have caught myself just going through the motions and it was a waste of time. If I am going to get up early to prime I want to make it count.

  • Get up 20 minutes earlier than normal
  • Start moving around as soon as you get up to get your body loose
  • Put on some music in your headphones or on a speaker
  • Jump around before you start
  • Visualize yourself at UPW
  • Make you move
  • Say “YES” as many times as you need to go into state

I have done it both ways. I have done it where I have just primed without being in the zone and I have done it where I have primed and I am in the zone. I have noticed that when I am in the zone, when I am in the peak state when I prime I go deeper. I hope this helps. Make sure that you are priming everyday to keep momentum.


Second Step to Keep Momentum After UPW – Incantations

Incantations are critically important because it engages all three parts of your triad. It engages your focus, it engages your physiology, and it engages your language. When you use incantations, you use everything that Tony teaches.

I have a very powerful Tony Robbins audio clip that you can hear below, and I found it on an audio program I am going through. If you’re not incanting a minimum of ten minutes a day, you are absolutely not practicing what Tony teaches. If the soundcloud player does not load, go ahead and refresh the page. It should load the second time.



That audio is so powerful for me because I practice what Tony teaches. His strategies have changed my life. So I uses incantations daily.

My favorite one is “I am the voice”. I say that every day. I walk around my office saying my incantations . I say that one. I have a couple other ones that I say also. When I use incantations I engage my physiology, I am extremely focused, and I use great language with absolute certainty.

Incantations are different than affirmations. I still believe in affirmations because they work for me. However, I incant my affirmations engaging my Triad. If you’re not incanting every single day, you’re going to be difficult to keep momentum.

Additional Help For Incantations

Now I Am The VoiceI frequently use a YouTube video of Tony guiding an audience through a seven minute process of “Now, I am the voice. I will lead, not follow. I will believe, not doubt. I will create, not destroy. I am a force for good. I am a leader. Defy the odds. Set a new standard. Step up. Step up. Step up”. It’s powerful.

You can use this YouTube video by clicking here. This is very powerful and you should use it frequently.

If I’m about to get a phone call with someone for business, or I’m about to go to a meeting and meet someone face-to-face, I’m doing that seven minute incantation process. I love this video because it engages every part of my Triad. It puts me in a very powerful state. When I go to that meeting or get on that call, I just have great energy and people can sense it.

Use incantations every single day to keep momentum.


Third Step to Keep Momentum After UPW – Spotify or UPW Music Playlist

How important is music to keep momentum after UPW? My experience from UPW has been sustained because of the music playlist from the event. Tony does an amazing job of wiring the music in your nervous system during UPW.

Someone is going to be a badass and create the playlist for you in Spotify, which is free. You need to download Spotify on your smartphone and you need to go search “UPW (Event Location i.e. Dallas) (YEAR)”, whatever your event was and the year. So an example would be “UPW Dallas 2016.”

What I’ve also done is I’ve created my own playlist, and I just called it UPW Dennis. I go through the created playlists, from the UPWs that I’ve been to, and I just take the songs that I really enjoy and add them to my playlist.

Music Will Take You Back

I listen to the music from the events every single day because it puts me into the same state I was in during the event. The music is wired in your nervous system from UPW, and you actually will recreate the feelings in your body that you had at the event.

Make sure if you’re driving in the car, you’re listening to the music that pumps you up. Make sure, when you’re in the shower or whatever, listen to the music.

I guarantee you, when you download Spotify you will see what I’m talking about. This playlist is going to put you in a amazing state. You are going to have feelings that you had at the event. You are going to be empowered. You are going to be in the zone.

Spotify will help you keep momentum. This is what I listen to before I prime. This is what I listen to before I do any incantations. I listen to this before I get on a call. I listen to these songs before I go and do what I need to do. My energy levels increase and it puts me into a great state and it brings my energy level up. Use Spotify!

Make Your Move

Fourth Step to Keep Momentum After UPW – Make Your F$&#ing Move!!!

Make Your Move! Make Your Move! I want you to make your move. Say Yes!

How important is it to keep making your move? It is vitally important. If you going to continue to keep momentum, you have got to be making your move throughout the day.

You can’t just go, “Oh well, I’ll do it next week,” or “I’ll do it next month.” No. It’s like a muscle, right?

Make Your MoveI don’t know how many times Tony had us make our move at UPW. It seems like it was a thousand times. There is a reason. He is condensing time frames into a weekend. Repetition is the mother of skill. Through the conditioning at UPW your move is wired into your nervous system.

Repetition is the Mother of Skill

However, if you do not activate this new muscle after the event, every single day, throughout the day, you are going to lose that muscle.

Your move is a muscle you have to build and strengthen. You have to make your move daily.

Haha. I call mine the pepper grinder. It is kind of funny, but I just grind my hands together like a pepper grinder! If I’m getting on a call with someone before I get on the call, I make my move and say yes. If I feel my energy starting to wane, I make my move and say yes. It engages my whole nervous system, and it engages my whole triad. I have my physiology engaged. I have my focus engaged. I have my language engaged.

Keep momentum by making your move every day. Use this strategy with every other thing that I have shared from this blueprint and you will keep your momentum. You will keep yourself strong. You will keep the power there. You will not let your power and truth wane. It just won’t be another event that you went and did not take action on.

Make sure you use the strategies Tony showed us at the event: To keep everything going, to keep everything rolling.


Fifth Step to Keep Momentum After UPW – Scream!!

ScreamingThis strategy may be the the hardest to apply. This one is kind of maybe a little “you should not do this.” It is screaming. I do it every single day. I have to make sure I get my blood pumping. Screaming does this for me. Before I get on a business call, I am going to scream. I am going to scream  “Yes,” and I am going to get loud.

I wonder what my neighbors think. I am sure they think, “Man, is this guy beating his wife? Is this guy yelling at his kids?”

Haha. But seriously screaming engages all of my triad. It engages my physiology, it engages my focus, it engages my language, and it really gets me into a state of power.

If our babies are sleeping (we have two young kids) I will jump in my car, drive around the block, and scream like a maniac!

Before I make videos, I scream. I make sure I put myself in a great emotional state. This is a strategy I think people will not use because they are afraid what other people think.

I don’t care what other people think about me. I care about my family. I care about how I can help my family. I care about making sure I am being the best me, and not settling for them.

Screaming is part of the blue print to keep momentum you do not want to overlook. Using this strategy I have my power and I know I am going to be able to influence people because people follow people with great energy.

Shake That Ass

Sixth Step to Keep Momentum After UPW – Shake That Ass

Have fun and shake that ass. I love Joseph. He is just an amazing man. I follow his Facebook fan page and he has a big heart. I love this strategy because it keeps it fun. Joseph keeps it fresh.

Shake that assSometimes I am driving and I am listening to the Spotify UPW playlist and I will just catch myself shaking my ass. I just giggle and laugh. It makes me smile because I can see Joseph.

Shaking that ass really frees up my thoughts. I am not focused on my business or focused on life. I just get enjoy that moment and realize that every moment is not promised. We have what we have right now and tomorrow is not promised.

You have to enjoy everyday. Just take some time each day to shake that ass.

I mean seriously, right now while you are reading this shake that ass. I guarantee you you will feel better. It will put a smile on your face. It is real and you just release endorphin’s in your body that make you feel amazing.Shake That Ass 1

Eat Clean

Seventh Step to Keep Momentum After UPW – Eat Clean

The final step is called Eating Clean. A lot people will struggle to keep their energy after UPW will be because they will go back home and eat the way that they did before UPW.

I am not saying you have to be so extreme where you do not eat anything unhealthy again.

Actually, my first UPW in Chicago 2015, I went straight 100% vegetarian. It was a dramatic shift in my body. I am from West Texas, and we were raised hunting and eating a lot of meat. It was almost meat every meal. I went extreme on the vegetables after UPW. I was extreme on eating clean. I do not advise going too extreme for everybody, because I do not feel like you should be extreme. I think you should live in moderation.

70% Water Rich Foods

What I do suggest is make sure when you eat, it’s 70% water-rich foods. One other thing I suggest as far as eating clean is try to avoid mixing proteins and carbs together.

This will kill your energy. It really will. Go eat a big steak and a potato at the same time, and the digestion process is just going to slow you down. If you are going to eat meat and you are going to eat heavy carbs eat them at different times. Eat a baked potato and a huge salad, or eat a steak and a huge salad.

Keep greens around you all the time! I use Tony Robbins green drink. I also use chlorophyll drops throughout the day. I just keep a lot of green in my body, so I can keep my body alkaline.

I have noticed since UPW Chicago 2015 my energy has increased. I have noticed I can work longer. When I rest, I rest quicker, and my body restores faster. My whole body energy has increased.

Increased Energy=Increased Output

My output has been dramatic as far as what I have been able to do in the last year. It has just been phenomenal what increased levels of energy have done for me.

I was able to work a full-time job as a teacher and coach on the side. Coaching is like a part-time job all in itself. On top of that, I built a business on the side. In six months after UPW Chicago 2015, I was able to build a business which I started earning more part-time that I did as a full-time educator. I was able to “retire” as a teacher and go full-time in my home business.

Eat Clean Immediately

The last day that I ate meat was the night UPW ended in Chicago. I did not eat meat for 10 months after UPW. I started to notice my energy levels were through the roof. No one could match my energy. I was able to outwork all the people around me.

I have grown since my first UPW and I realize you do not have to cut meat out entirely. Just focus more on eating water-rich foods and less portions of the meat. You do not really need meat every meal. You get a lot of protein off of everything that you eat, especially if you’re eating a lot.

I noticed when I ate water-rich foods, I had to eat a lot more. Cumulatively I ate enough protein, and plus I take some other supplements.

Why Eating Clean Works

Eating clean is going to increase your energy. What eating clean is going to do is give you the energy to make sure that you are up every day so you can prime, make sure you have the energy to be shaking that ass, you have the energy to be doing your incantations, you have the energy to be making your move, you have the energy to be able to do everything on this blueprint.


Keeping Momentum is the Goal

This blueprint was designed to give you actionable steps to keep momentum going every single day. Like I said at the beginning of this post, if you feel something helps you keep your momentum going share it in the comments. I would love to hear from a fellow Firewalker about what keeps them in state. Please feel free to tweet this out and share this with anyone who could use a step by step blueprint to keep momentum.


Did this help you? Please comment below and share this post if you liked the information and found it useful.

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