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List Building Tips: Creating A Featured Giveaway

Here I share with you some list building tips on how to easily craft the perfect giveaway.List Building Tips If you craft an amazing giveaway list building becomes easy.

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Building An Email List Fast

If you want to create a machine where you can print money focus your efforts on building a massive list. However, a responsive list is the best list to build.

If you want a “cash machine” you need a very responsive email list as fast as you can get one. When you build your email list focus on building a relationship with them. As you start building a relationship with them then you can literally print money.

Well you can only print money if you have something of value to offer to your list. We are not focusing on selling anything to your list on this post. We are going to talk about how to build your list.

How To Start Building An Email List

The best way in my opinion to start building a list is to have a great featured give away. People are not going to give your their information just because they whet to your website. You  need some sort of compelling offer or giveaway to persuade them to give you their info.

So if you are brand new to list building then you should focus on your featured giveaway first.

For example, my featured giveaway is “My Secret 7-Step Blueprint to Dominate Social Media Marketing.” I spent about two days creating my giveaway.

In the audio below I give some great list building tips and show you how I easily created my featured giveaway.

List Building Tips Audio

In this audio below I break down how I easily created my featured giveaway “My Secret 7-Step Blueprint to Dominate Social Media Marketing.” I also give you some list building tips you can start implementing in your business.


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