Marketing With Snapchat

Marketing With Snapchat To Build A Key Asset

Marketing With SnapchatIn today’s episode we talk about marketing with Snapchat to build a key asset. It might not be what you think, but it’s worth its weight in GOLD.

Rookie marketers think or believe marketing is just shouting as loud as the can to BUY their product. We know marketing is really adding value and talking about the benefits of what you have to offer.

This post is going to share with you a hidden secret inside of Snapchat. Feel free to share this with anyone who you think would get value from this post.

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Marketing with Snapchat

How can you market with Snapchat in your business? Is it possible? Should you be focused on it? Is this something that you should really pay attention and become a driving force in your business?

Here’s one thing that I’ve noticed on social media. A lot of people on social media get caught up on how many likes they have. How many people they have viewing their posts, and how many people they have as their “following”.

But if you’re building a business, what you want to focus on is how many people are subscribing to your email list, how many people are buying your products, and how many people are engaging and interacting with you.

I love Snapchat

Snapchat almost forces you to engage because in 24 hours the story is going to be gone, or if someone sends you his snap it will disappear 10 seconds after you view it.

You’re forced to engage on Snapchat and I love that.

For all the marketers out there, you can use this big time. You can put a daily contest on Snapchat. You can have shout out giveaways. You can do a bunch of creative stuff as far as doing contents and running promotions for Snapchat.

People will have to engage at that moment if they want to take part of the giveaways, promotions, contests, ect. and with this you can build your list.

Shout outs are great for marketing with Snapchat. I use them to build my email list.

I’ll will say on my Snap, “Shout this out and show me proof you shout it out to get entered to win the giveaway.”

What I have them shout out is a website for the list I am building at that time.

This allows me to build an email list on Snapchat, so I can start communicating with them outside the app. Through email I can start building a relationship with them and convert people to customers, clients, or potential business partners.

That’s what I love about Snapchat is that you can definitely use marketing in Snapchat but you have to become a marketer and you have to understand marketing.

Wrong Metrics

It’s not all about the followers on social media. It’s not all about the views.

It’s about the engagement.

Can you drive them off to a capture page and get them to optin to your email list. That’s where you can really start giving them value outside of Snapchat.

That’s where I think about a lot of people get hung up on Facebook is on how many people are viewing my stuff? How many likes? How many followers do I have? That’s all good stuff, it really is.

But what’s the focus needs to be is, “How much engagement do I have? How are they engaging? Are they communicating with me? Are they getting on my list? Are they buying my products and services? Are they driving my business forward? Are they bringing cash into my company?” That’s what you need to focus on.

Key Asset

If you are going to be marketing with Snapchat, you just have to realize building an email list is very crucial.

Snapchat is fun and I love it, but it’s about building an email list for me. We are focused on turning Snapchat followers into subscribers. Subscribers into either customers, clients, or business partners. we do this by adding value and over delivering on what we say we are going to do.

Marketing with Snapchat is something you can put in your business today but you have to understand marketing principles. With that said, I hope you enjoyed the article and video.

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