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Money Mindset: 5 Simple Strategies To Change Your Money Situation

In today’s episode we dive into money mindset Most people have blocks that are holding them back from making more money. Here I show 5 simple money mindset shifts you can use to change your money situation.

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Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees!!!

 Today what I want to talk about something a lot of people struggle with. There is a feeling that money is hard to get.
A lot of people feel that money is something that doesn’t flow easily.
Have you ever felt that money was scarce? Have you ever said the words, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Have you said the words, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”
If you have I want to talk to you a little bit. I want to share some tips.
I want to give you 5 tips on how to make more money, but also I want to share some light into the money mindset.
I believe people have  paradigms in their head about money that is rooted from when they were younger.

Money Grows in the Mind

When I was younger  lots of people would tell me money didn’t grow on trees. While they were right, because money is made from cotton. The context from which they scalded me left a lasting imprint in my life.

You can probably relate to me on this.

People often say, “Money doesn’t buy you happiness.”

I want to dive deep into this statement specifically.

“Money can’t buy you happiness”

What the heck does that mean? What is the real truth behind that?

People say that money doesn’t make you happier, that you can be happy without money. I agree with that. I totally agree with that statement, but I can tell you poverty doesn’t buy you happiness.

Being broke doesn’t buy you happiness. Struggling from paycheck to paycheck doesn’t buy you happiness.

The LOVE of Money is the Root of Evil

The root of all evil is not money. The root of all evil is the love of money, to love it, to lust after it, to yearn for it.

I believe if you say things like, “We can’t afford it,” or, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” you are wiring something deep down in your subconscious. If you are telling your children this then you’re wiring something deep in their brain that is going stick with them forever.

Be very careful what you put into your kids mind. You might not even know you are doing damage to their future.

Let me say this, if someone tells you that money doesn’t buy you happiness, that person’s not happy.

Who says that? Who goes around saying, “Money doesn’t buy you happiness.” Happy people don’t say that, they don’t. Why would they say that? That doesn’t even make sense. Happy people are just happy. They don’t go around telling people what buys you happiness.

Money Mindset Vocabulary 911

You need to kick words and phrases like I just went over out of your vocabulary. Stop talking about scarcity.

You need to think about abundance. You need to think about prosperity and money flowing to you.

Because really what does money do? It gives you options to be able to do what you feel like you want to do or you need to do. It gives you the ability. It gives you resources to do things.

5 Tips on How You Can Earn More Money

I want to share 5 tips on how you can earn more money that I learned from a couple millionaires. They’re pretty generic but the reason why they’re generic is because specifically I can’t talk to every single person that jumps on this post and video. I wouldn’t be able to tell them exactly how to implement it in their business, but what I can say are some basic tips.

Money Mindset Step 1

The first step is you have to have a positive attitude and work on yourself consistently.

The big shift I had in my business was I dedicated two full years towards personal development. I focused on growing as a person, gaining more skills, and becoming more valuable in the marketplace every single day. Based on this growth I have been able to deliver more content, that can help people, that I can add value to people.

Step 1 is you have to consistently grow and consistently to have a positive attitude, because if you have a negative attitude negative stuff is going to flow to you, not anything positive.

Money Mindset Step 2

The second step is to get around those that will raise you up as often as possible.

People are stuck in situations where they’re surrounded by people who do not serve them. They are surrounded by people who do not lift them up.

This is bucket of crabs analogy. When you try to come out they’re going to pull you back down. These people don’t raise you up, they push you down.

You are the aggregate of your 5 closest friends. If the people that you’re hanging around with are taking things away from your life instead of adding to your life, how is that going to help you?

Second step is surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up.

Money Mindset Step 3

The third step is you need have a system to make money. Not just trading your time for money and going to work in a job.

You’re never going to get financially free with that system. You’re never going to have more than you basically need to make the bills. If you’re lucky maybe 1 vacation a year. It might even be a staycation.

You have to have a system. You have to have something so developed that you can plug anything into it and it’s going to work for you.

This is the third step. Make sure you have a system. A system takes time because nothing great happens overnight. It takes time to develop a system. It takes time to develop processes. It takes time to develop something great.

Money Mindset Step 4

The fourth step is to do a work that expose people to your system. Whatever your work is, you have to expose people to what you’re doing.

You have to get out in the marketplace and show what you’re doing and expose people to it.

In my business it’s prospecting and marketing. I’ve got to expose my opportunity to people. I’ve got to show people what I’m doing, so that I can bring them in my business.

If you are a chiropractor, you’ve got to expose what you’re doing to people. You have to do this so they will come in and get your services. You’ve got to have a system that works and then you’ve got to expose people to that system. This is the fourth step.

Money Mindset Step 5

The fifth step is get around those who have accomplished way more than you have, so you can rethink your system and see what works.

You have to get around those who are a step above you.

Here’s a perfect example. When we coach basketball in summer league, we always start with freshmen that are about to become sophomores.

Our strategy for that group of kids is to play them up one grade level. For example we might have sophomores, but they’re going to be playing against juniors. We always play up, because this is where the most growth happens for them. We might get smashed all summer by older kids, but when there is no one left to play up against we would crush the competition.

If you’re always around those who have less skill than you, you’re not going to grow. It has always been said and it will never go away, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Let that sink in. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

How do you do not stay the smartest person in the room?

One way is  to get around people who are crushing your niche.

Here is what I would do if I were you. Whatever your niche is it doesn’t matter. You have to start doing some research to figure out who the players are in your niche. Then when you find out the players, you’ve got to inject yourself in their circle, by whatever means possible.

Edison and Barnes

The book Think and Grow Rich (this book changed my life and I wrote an article about it you can check out here) talks about a lot about how Thomas Edison was a great inventor, a great developer.

Everybody knows about Thomas Edison, right?

But not a lot of people know about Barnes. Barnes was the one that pushed Edison’s products. Barnes had a vision about working with Edison. He would tell himself, “I’m going to work with Thomas Edison.”

Barns got on a train, went to Thomas Edison’s office and Edison even said Barnes looked like a hobo when he showed up. He wasn’t all cleaned up, but he went to the inventor’s office and told Edison, “I will work with you.”

He didn’t say, “I’m going to work in your business.” Barnes said, “I’m going to partner with you. I’m going to be your business partner.” He didn’t know how, but he knew that if he took action it would happen.

What Barnes did was injected himself into Thomas Edison’s circle, and through this he was able to become his partner.

Eventually people would say, “Made by Edison, sold by Barnes.” He was a direct partner with him because he got into his circle.

Whatever you’re wanting to do you in your life, you have to surround yourself with those who have what you want.

Get with those who’ve had the success you want, so you can model their success. The closer you get to the top players in your niche you can get their mentorship. You can get their coaching, and they can help you cut off years in your learning process.

My Money Mindset Video

Here is a video I made  about this after spending a weekend with Ray Higdon. This weekend changed my life. I know this message can change yours.

Suggested Money Mindset Resources

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Here is an article from my buddy and coach Ray Higdon has about ways to improve your money mindset. Click here to check it out.

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  • Gordana

    June 16, 2016

    And it’s not always just about money, it’s about building people, who will then build your own business, like-minded, positive people who will grow and help others.