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My Top Three Network Marketing Tips

Here I give you my three favorite network marketing tips.Network Marketing Tips These are three tips which can help every person in network marketing who want to build a huge business.

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My 3 Favorite Network Marketing Tips

  1. Manage Your State Before Talking With Prospects
  2. Dive Deep Into Personal Development
  3. Fall In Love With The Process of Network Marketing

Recruit More Reps By Managing Your State

Only use this advice if you want to build an empire and really go to the next level in their business.

The first piece of advice would be before you talk to a single prospect, before you talk to anyone about your opportunity, before you share the presentation, before you do home meetings, or go to events you need to make sure you are in a positive state of mind.

Before I talk to anyone, I listen to music and I put myself into a positive state. I get myself pumped up and I really try to put myself into a good energy state. If you are in a good positive state of mind, your prospect is going to feel your energy.

When you talk with people, even over the phone, they will be able to sense your energy. So control your state. This is how I crush at recruiting. When I’m talking with prospects they can feel my energy over the phone. They can feel my energy in person. They can see that I’m a positive person.

Positive people attract other positive people. You want these type of people in your business. You want positive people. You have to have a positive energy to attract people.

Smile When You Prospect

I got this tip from my mentor. When I’m on the phone with someone that I’m cold calling, or I’m dialing someone to prospect, I have a mirror on my desk. The purpose of the mirror is to remind me to smile.

Always smile when you’re talking to people. Just smile. It makes you feel better. It makes other people feel better. It brings across a better energy and it ultimately will help you recruit more people.

You’ll see a night and day difference in your recruiting efforts. When you control your state and smile while you prospect.

Personal Development Is The Key To Wealth

Out of my top network marketing tips, this one is my favorite!

My second tips is to get into personal development. Dive deep into personal development. I always shoot videos with my bookcase behind me because these books represent so much to me. This book in particular “Think and Grow Rich,” it changed my life.

I don’t read “Think and Grow Rich”, I study this book. I go through this book as often as I can. I always go back through it.

What personal development does for me is it brainwashes me basically because …

When I say brainwash here’s what I mean and hear me out. When we live our day we contact a lot of earthly stuff, a lot of worldly stuff, a lot of TV shows, commercials, advertisement, social media, drama, politics, religion, and all this stuff. All these things just make us dusty.

What personal development does for me, it kind of washes me a little bit. It rewires my mindset so that I can have a positive mental attitude. So I can focus on the important things like building a business, helping my family, really growing, and just so much more.

Get into “Think and Grow Rich” and study this book. Get into personal development, become a student of the profession, and really learn how to learn. Learn how to grow. The more you grow, the more you will earn. You’re going to get paid based on the value you put into the marketplace. The best way to do that is to grow with personal development.

Fall In Love With The Process

Out of these three network marketing tips this may be the hardest for new people.

My third network marketing tip is to quit comparing yourself to other people. You don’t know their journey. You don’t know what they’ve gone through. You don’t know the process they’ve had to get where they are at.

I personally struggled with this for well over a year in my network marketing business. I saw people who came in and hit the top rank within a year. I said, “I got to do that.”

I’m not them and they’re not me. They don’t have the kids I have. They don’t have the wife I have. They don’t have the situation I have. I’m different than them.

Once I realized I needed to stop comparing myself to other people my focus changed. Once I released that energy comparing myself to other people, this business got so much easier.

Shh..This Is The Secret

Here’s something that will really help your business, instead of comparing yourself to others, why don’t you just focus on the process.

Fall in love with the process of network marketing. Fall in love with the process of prospecting. Fall in love with the process of building a team. Fall in love with the process of connecting and building relationships with people.

When you fall in love with process, the journey becomes fun. It becomes an incredible journey. Fall in love with the process instead of focusing solely on the results and comparing yourself to others.

I’m not saying to not have goals. I’m not even saying you shouldn’t have some focus on the end in mind.

It is okay to be aware of your end goal. However, focus on the process. Fall in love with the process, and I guarantee you your life will change.

These are three network marketing tips I know can help you. They’ve helped my business. They’ve been able to help me become financially independent in twenty months with my network marketing company.

If you ask me what three network marketing tips to give someone before I checked out of this world. Those would be the three tips, because these are the ones that have shaped my career.

My Top 3 Network Marketing Tips Video

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