Our Business Goals- August 2016

Our Top 3 Business Goals: August 2016

Our Business Goals- August 2016In today’s post, I share with you our business goals we are setting for in August 2016. Running a business is very difficult, and it’s more difficult with a two year old and a 6 week old newborn. The only way we are able to achieve anything in our life is by setting goals and tracking what we do.

Please feel free to share this with your team or anyone who wants to be more accountable in their business.

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My friends, mentors, and coaches the Higdon’s (Ray and Jessica) have just released their course the 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula. My wife Bianca and I have been using Jessica’s social media recruiting formula for over a year now and have been able to consistently prospect and recruit because of what she teaches. Click here to check out her course!

Our Top 3 Business Goals: August 2016

Here are our top three business goals for our network marketing business and our media company. Each of these goals are above our normal monthly standards. Bianca and I were talking the other day and we made a decision to go to the next level in our life.

The importance of setting goals cannot be understated. If you want to be successful in setting goals you need to write them out every single year, month, week, and day. I write out my business goals each day, and how I am going to progress towards achieving them.

  1. Recruit 10 New Distributors (Personally) Into Our Primary Company
  2. Prospect 10 New People Each Day On Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, and Instagram
  3. Add 500 New Email Subscribers To My List

1-Recruit 10 New Distributors

Recruiting people into your network marketing business is the life blood of your business. There are two ways to recruit people into your business, through prospecting or marketing.

Prospecting will be covered in goal number 2, so I will touch briefly on marketing. Our focus for the month will be on the following types of marketing to recruit people into our business:

  • Craigslist (Excellent source to find people looking to make more money)
  • Facebook Fan Pages (I will provide a training on this the week of August 8th click here to get updated when I finalize the date)
  • Funnels (I LOVE Clickfunnels) If you want to check out Clickfunnels click here.
  • List building (I will cover this in goal number 3)

Marketing is a skill and takes time to master. I have dedicated hundreds of hours learning how to master these skills. However, if you do become proficient in marketing you can really make a lot of money.

Remember that network marketing is networking and marketing. Most people only focus on networking and prospecting. If you master marketing you will rise above because you are able to put your message in front of more people faster.

2-Prospecting 10 People Per Day On 5 Platforms

Prospecting people is the fastest way to make money in network marketing. Social media has the most people available for you prospect. People might tell you to focus on Starbucks, Barnes and Nobels, the grocery story, gas stations, the mall, ect… but in one morning I can prospect more people than almost anyone hitting the streets, from the comfort of my home and air conditioning.

So what if you don’t know who to look for or what to say to strangers on social media, then you find someone who does and you follow what they teach. The best social media recruiting trainer in the market is Jessica Higdon. You can check out her training by clicking here. We use her strategies and they WORK!!

3-Add 500 New Email Subscribers to My List

500 new email subscribers in a month means about 16 new subscribers each day. I am going to have to hustle to reach this goal, but that is exactly what I intend to do. I have been working on free content for my email list over the last week and I am excited to release this content to my list.

How About You?

The best way to reach a goal is to speak it into existence. There is power in the tongue! You can comment below with your business goals, or you can send me an email with your business goals to dennis@dennisraytaylor.com. I can be your accountability partner if you want me to. Just let me know and I will be there to help you.


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