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Why You Should Be Repurposing Content From Periscope

Here in today’s post I talk about why you should be repurposing content from periscope for you blog.Repurposing Content This is a quick and easy hack to help you put out more content on a consistent basis, while you are building up a live audience.

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Repurposing Content From Periscope Is Ninja

Periscope is an amazing live streaming social media app for so many reasons. If you are building a brand and an audience, you need to be using this app daily. If you want to know how to dominate Periscope and build an audience you can check out my blog post about it here.

Periscope allows you to connect with new people daily and build a following very quickly.

I love this app because I am able to stream live to my followers and then I repurpose this content for my blog.

You should be using your Periscope videos if it’s good quality on your blog post. My coach Ray Higdon does this specifically. Not all of his posts are from repurposing content from Periscope, but he dose use this strategy to put out more content faster.

Ray trains and teaches this technique to his followers.

A Good Video is Key

Make sure the video you use is a good video. Take the video and edit out the clip you want to use for your blog post.

I have a detailed post on how to edit video for you blog. You can check it out here.

Put the video you edited on your blog. You can type out a blog post, or you can pay for your video to be transcribed. I use to transcribe my videos. Click here to see a post I made about this process.  you can type out a message if you don’t want to pay someone on Rev, or you can upload it on Rev and have them do it.

Live Stream is Always Better Energy

You should definitely be repurposing content from Periscope because your energy is better when you are talking to your live audience. Your video will have more energy. You have to deliver something of value to your live audience.  Sometimes if you’re just in your room cutting videos over and over and over, your energy is not that good. This is why I love repurposing content from Periscope for my blog.

I hope that helps, that’s specifically what I’ve been doing. I am currently on my 94th Periscope. I’ve been going back into my Periscopes and I’ve been trying to find good three or four minute sections that I’m putting into a queue to have a blog post roll out in the future. They’re not going to be daily, it’s going to be like every couple of days that a new blog post will come out these. I don’t need to re-shoot a video I can have someone write it for me so that’s what I do.

 Here are some additional resources about Repurposing Content

Kim Garst has a great article about how she specifically is repurposing content from Periscope. You can check it out here.

Adespresso has a great article HERE about why you should be repurposing content on for your blog. also has a very good article you can check out right here on some ideas on repurposing content in a smart way. has a very cool infographic on repurposing content correctly. You can click here to check it out.

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