Review: No Excuses Summit Day 1

If you are not growing you are dying. Progress equals happiness.

I am a huge believer in the power of personal development and personal growth. The best thing you can invest into in your business is not a website, tools, gadgets, cars, etc… it is yourself!

You are the best investment you could make. I see it like this: if I had one person I wanted to bet on it would be me. You are your best investment.

My question for you would be, “How often do you invest into yourself?”

I set a big goal for 2016 in December of 2015. My goal was to attend an event of some sort, whether it is focused on marketing, internet marketing, network marketing, mindset, relationships, etc… every single month. I am on target to meet this goal!!

So far so good, I am currently in San Diego at No Excuses Summit 7. I love San Diego because the weather is amazing, the ocean is beautiful (even though I am terrified of actually swimming in the water), the people look happy walking around, and the sun is shining bright!

Ultimately all that really matters about this trip is my GROWTH from all the knowledge being shared.


The event totally kicked butt last night. If we weren’t able to make it to any more of the sessions, I would feel we got our money’s worth. Watch the video on this page to see me go over my notes from the first session!!


I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

P.s. Ray Higdon is one of the very first speakers! Ray’s my man and he always brings the goods!


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