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Savvy Periscope Tips and Tricks To Dominate

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How to Use Periscope to Build Your Business

I am a huge fan of Periscope. If you use this app correctly you will be able to build a huge following and generate leads from a cold market. But there is a little bit of a twist. The leads you generate are not cold leads at all. This is the power of live video. People get to see the real you and you build rapport with your audience.

Best Periscope Tips and Tricks

I have been using Periscope for a a little over 2 months now and I have done 78 Scopes (Scopes is slang for Periscope broadcasts in Periscopeland). Navigating through this app can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be that way at all. Here are some Periscope tips and tricks to help you dominate.

How to Build an Audience on Periscope

Building a following is the most important area you need to focus on when starting to use Periscope. If you do not have a following NO ONE will show up to see you broadcast (we will get to that elephant in the room later.

I laid out a great strategy to get more followers in the video below. By using this strategy I have been able to consistently grow my following daily over the last two months.

Social Media Examiner has an excellent post on building your following and you can Check It Out Here if you would like to see what they suggest.

How To Do A Periscope Broadcast

Once you join Periscope you will have an option to broadcast live. I think I have either read and/or heard only 10% of Periscope users actually broadcast live. From my experience what I have see is most people do not broadcast live. People are afraid of live stream. But you need to push through this fear because of the potential in this app.

I really like the infographic Chris Ducker has on his blog about 12 Ways to Build Your Brand With Periscope you can Check It Out Here. He gives a couple of good tips on how to broadcast and have fun with the app.

The most important tip I can give you is to be yourself and have fun with the app. Broadcast consistently and you will see the power in this app.

Best Time to Periscope

When is the best time to Periscope broadcast? For me I like morning, lunch, or afternoon evening. I go into a bit more detail in the video below about the best times to broadcast. People work and people have lives. You need to see when your audience responds better to your broadcasts.

Do I Need A Periscope Profile Link

Absolutely you need a link in your profile description. This is one of the main way your audience can connect with you outside of the app. I suggest if you have a website use your url link. If you have a free give away, also know as a freebie giveaway, where people give you their email in exchange for some sort of content. A profile link is where you would use this strategy.

This is how the top Periscopers are building their email list day in and day out.

If you do not have a website just put an email address in your link and refer to it when you are broadcasting. You always need to use a call to action when you are scoping so you can add people to your email list.

Check this video out because I go into more detail on how I am using Periscope in my business


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