Should You Be Prospecting on Facebook

Should You Be Prospecting On Facebook

Should You Be Prospecting on FacebookHere in today’s post I show you why you should be prospecting on Facebook to build your network marketing business.

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, and you need to leverage it to build your business. Please feel free to share this with your team.

Should You Be Prospecting on Facebook?

Should you be using Facebook every single day to prospect people for your business? You absolutely should be. You should be using Facebook every single day to reach out to new people, to build more friends, and to build relationships.

Facebook is the ultimate relationship building machine. There’s over a billion active users every single month on Facebook. The users on Facebook are potential clients, customers, and business partners.

Prospecting On Facebook The Right Way

What I suggest you do is you start using Facebook in the correct way. Most people use Facebook wrong. They use Facebook to air their grievances, to talk about negative stuff, and to get controversial. Or they use Facebook without a specific plan to help grow their business.

I suggest you use Facebook to build your brand by actively putting out good information. You want to be someone who is valuable, someone who is a leader, someone who puts out good content, and someone people are attracted to. This will help you prospect on Facebook because when you reach out to people they will check out your page and see what type of person you are.

Here is a strategy on how you can actively prospect on Facebook every single day.

This  strategy works in whatever niche you focus in. The first step is to find out who the top leaders are in your niche. If you are looking for network marketing builders I suggest you focus on positive people. You do not want a team full of negative people.

An example, for someone to target could be Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins has a great Facebook fan page. He has tons of likes and followers on his fan page. He also posts regularly on there.

Here is one quick strategy that you could use. You can go on his fan page, and look over the posts on his page. When he posts you will see there will be a lot of comments because his audience engages with him.

Go actively seek out people who comment on the posts that you would want in your business and start building a relationship with them. Seek out people who are posting good positive comments on the fan pages. Reach out to them by commenting on their comments.

Direct Messages Helps Prospecting On Facebook

You also can send the people you find on these fan page’s a direct message. Send them a message telling them something like this, “Hey, I really enjoy what you shared on Tony Robbins fan page. What do you do?”

Just start building a relationship with these people. Do not send them links to your opportunity or try and “pitch” them. Focus on adding value to them rather that “getting” them on your team.

Two Suggestions For Serious Builders

Now, you’ve got to think about two things.

1 – You are not a hunter.

2 – Be a giver not a taker.

The most attractive builders in our profession are Go-Givers. Be a giver, not a hunter. People smell hunters. People smell people who are just trying to get something from them. This is repulsive marketing.

One thing you want to do is be a giver. That is a very attractive energy. It is very warm and inviting energy. If you focus on giving, people will be attracted to you.

When you message people give them information. Give them value. Ask them what they do. Actively be engaged with them, and I guarantee you’ll see the difference. Do not send unsolicited links to your “deal.” This will turn people off to you and you will seem pushy.

You can send up to ten of these messages a day without getting blocked by Facebook for sending too many messages.

This is a way you can actively be talking to people every single day and adding to your active candidate list.

Two People < 10+ People

In the network marketing profession, the leaders say talk to two people a day every day. Well, you can talk to up to ten people a day on Facebook. You can do the same on Twitter. You can do the same thing on Instagram.

There is actually not a limit on how many people you can talk to because there are so many people on social media. It’s about being resourceful with what you have, so I hope this tip helped.

I hope that you will actually use Facebook to go prospect today, and if you found value from this, please leave a comment, like, share, and Tweet it out.

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