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Snapchat Marketing: Sould You Be Using Snapchat To Build Your Home Business

Here are my thoughts and observations based off of statistics on why you should be using SnapchatSnapchat Marketing marketing in your home business.

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 Snapchat Marketing & Why You Need To Listen

Are you using Snapchat marketing to build your business?

If you’re not, you’re really missing the boat. Today I want to talk a little bit more about what are some key features of Snapchat and why you need to be using it.

Listen to the Influential Marketers

Gary Vaynerchuk Snapchat MarketingLast night, I was watching an interview with Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuk. These are two of the top marketers and influencers in the world. Specifically in America, they’re the top influential marketers. They were talking specifically about Snapchat and the power of it.

I’ve been watching them for a while, and what I see is both of these men use the app regularly every single day. They promote their Snapchat account on all their social media profiles, so does John Lee Dumas and other brands. The top marketers are letting people know that they’re on Snapchat and they have mastered Snapchat marketing.

That resonated with me because I like to follow people who the influential marketers. I watch what they do, and I’ve just been studying what they’re doing. What I’ve seen with all three of these guys is their Snapchat stories are not-stop, never-ending, all day long.

You Have A Story!!

One of the cool features of Snapchat is the story feature. The Snapchat story feature is all the snaps that you upload to what Snapchat calls the story. It’s a 24-hour story, because after 24 hours your Snap is deleted.

Using a Snapchat marketing strategy you need continue to add content, whether you’re taking pictures or making videos, just keep adding to your story. It stays there. When the user goes and watches your story, they see your pictures and your videos, whatever the order is.

People can watch your story, and they can watch line by line, basically it’s your news broadcast channel.

Slick Snapchat Marketing Intelligence

Here is where the deep intelligence is in the app. On Snapchat, you can see everybody that watches your stories, but your followers cannot who watches your story snaps.

This is the only social media platform in which you can see who is watching you. This is perfect if you are a building a business because you know who you need to start building a relationship with.

You followers don’t know who’s watching you, because Snapchat keeps your views hidden from everyone but you!

Golden Ticket

Your follower don’t know if you have one person watching or thousands of people watching you. That’s infinitely important, because if you position yourself as an expert, and you add value, people are going to follow you. They’re going to know that you’re an expert. They’re going to know that you’re an authority.

This is my favorite feature in this app. You get some deep intelligence, just from the Snapchat story.

Snapchat Marketing Stats

What are some stats that are happening with Snapchat?

Here’s some cool stats that I really like.

  • Every second there’s 9,000 pictures uploaded to Snapchat. Every second there’s 9,000 pictures uploaded. That’s freaking crazy.
  • Every day, there’s 10 BILLION video views on Snapchat. 10 billion videos on Snapchat per day views. That’s crazy.

Snapchat Branding is the Perfect App

Here’s why I believe Snapchat is going to be the premier app as far as building your brand.

We live in a me-focused society. We live in a society that’s driven by significance. Significance is the number one human need.

Specifically in America, everyone’s me, me, me, me. Snapchat is built for that because you get to put your story out there. You get to feel significant by having people watch it. It really fills that need. That’s why people are getting more drawn into the app.

Facebook Got Rejected

Snapchat is not going anywhere. Facebook offered to buy Snapchat for 3 BILLION cash, and Snapchat rejected it. Snapchat rejected 3 billion cash, not credit, not stocks. 3 billion cash and they rejected it. Now they’re currently valued at over 15 billion. That’s phenomenally insane.

Snapchat Marketing Stats from the Edison Research Center

Here’s some stats from the Edison Research Center that I believe are super important.

  • Snapchat is better known than both Pinterest and LinkedIn. More people know about Snapchat than Pinterest and LinkedIn. That blows my mind because Snapchat is so much younger than those other social media platforms.
  • Snapchat has more users than Twitter or Pinterest or LinkedIn. It doesn’t have as many users as Facebook or Instagram, but it has more users than the other ones, and it’s still coming up.
  • Another one that I really like is that in the last year, Snapchat has grown in one year as much as Twitter has grown over the last four years. That’s phenomenal.
  • In America, it’s the second favorite app. If you’re in America, and you’re building a brand, or you’re building a company, and you’re not on Snapchat, you’re behind. You need to get on there, and you need to get going on it.

Click Here to read the article by Jay Baer referencing the Edison Research Center.

Super Simple Your Grandma Can Use This App

A cool thing I like about Snap, the app is super easy to use. Super easy to use. It’s very quick, and it uses very little data, not like a live-streaming broadcast or anything like that. It uses very little data. This is  important for people who are restricted on their data, or they don’t have WiFi. This is a big advantage over other apps.

Using Snapchat Marketing to Build Your Business

If you’re building a business, what you want to focus on is getting people to know, like, and trust you. This is why I think this app is so powerful. When people start following you, they start to know who you are because they see your stories. They start to like you because they see who you are. Well that only will happen if you are a likable person.

If you really wanted to build a following to attract people to you post consistent interesting content, valuable content, value-driven content, and then they will start to like you.

They’ll trust you because on Snap, you can’t Photoshop pictures. Your Snapchat posts are real pictures. You can’t upload pictures into the app, you have to take them from the app, and in the videos, they’re 10-second videos.

You can’t post fake stuff on the app. This causes your followers to start to know, like, and trust you immediately. You build rapport with them.

From that rapport, you can start to direct message them. I love the direct message feature. It is a powerful feature.

My Personal Relationship Building Suggestion on Snapchat

Here’s a strategy that I use. When someone adds me on Snapchat, I send them a direct message.

It sounds something like this:

Hey thanks for the add. How’s it going. Hey it’s crazy in our house right now. I’ve got a two-year-old and I’ve got a baby on the way. Hold on and enjoy the ride. How do you use Snapchat?

I just start a conversation. I keep it light. I keep it friendly.

This morning alone, I had conversations with people in Detroit, Indonesia, Italy, Chicago, and LA. I also had conversations with other people I didn’t even ask where they were from. Those are just the people that told me where they were from. I think that’s pretty cool that I’m connecting with people all across America, all across the world, and they’re watching my snaps. That’s so powerful.

Free to Use

Snapchat is a free app. I didn’t have to do any paid advertising to get people to reach out to me, and I was able to prospect people.

If you want to use this app in a powerful way, what I suggest is you get registered from my training by Clicking Here. We’re holding a training Thursday June 9th. There will be information in this post on it to where you can get this training that we’re hosting. I’ll show you the strategies that me and my mom have put together.

Gigi IS Absolutely Crushing on Snapchat

My mom Robyn Fletcher (her grandbabies call her GiGi) started on Snapchat about two months ago. She started developing her system about 30 days ago. She’s gone from zero views, meaning zero people were watching her Snapchat story. Now she has over 100 people watching her story.

If you know anything about Snapchat, that’s a lot of views. Especially since she is extremely new to the app. If you have 100 people consistently watching your story, you’re keeping an audience, and you’re building relationships. My mom has gone viral on it. She’s one of the top people on Ghost Codes and she is the top person in Ghost Codes in her category. She’s having people consistently add her everyday.

Currently, as of June 8, 2016, I’m having about 12 to 15 people add me every single day on Snapchat. It’s awesome because that’s 12 to 15 people I can build a relationship with. I can start to prospect them. I can start to maybe bring them in my business or maybe just add value to them. My focus is to build a relationship with people all over the world. It’s not all about business all the time.

I hope you got value from this. . Share a comment if you did. I look forward to seeing you on the next one.

Here is a video I put together on Snapchat Marketing

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