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Truthful Social Media Network Marketing Tips

Here is I give a full blown rant on truthful social media network marketing media network marketing

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Social Media Network Marketing Rant

Today I’ve got a message for network marketers.

Today I’ve got a message for people who’ve been in the industry.

Today I have a message for people who are tired of the industry, because ultimately a lot of people are getting turned off because people are not doing it right. It’s because there’s a lack of social media network marketing training and a lack of understanding about social media, about how to take care of people, and about really what we do.

Here’s what I’m tired of, and I know that most people are too. People are sick to death of seeing most people just throw their company all over the place and begging people to join them. It’s desperate. It reeks of desperation.

People say things like “Please join my team. I need three people to join. I’m looking for three people.”

You never get anybody that way. I guarantee you that. When I started in the industry two years ago I did the exact same thing. It doesn’t work.

People don’t respond well to that message because that’s horrible marketing.

What is Social Media?

Let me ask you a question, and the question is very simple.

How often do you jump on Facebook in the morning to go buy? It’s a simple question. How often do you get up on social media and say, “Man, I’m looking to buy today. I’m looking to buy.”

Social MediaNo one does that because that’s not what social media is for. Regular people don’t want to jump on Facebook and other social media to buy your crap. They don’t want to buy your product on social media. They don’t want to do that.

I go on Facebook because I want to see other people’s lives. I don’t go on Facebook because I want to connect with my friends. I want to see their kids and I want to see what’s going on in their life.

I’ll be the first to admit, I used to put out horrible social media marketing like this all the time because I didn’t know any better. But I learned through trial and error. I was smart enough to ask good questions. I looked for places I  could get social media network marketing tips.

Once I found out there was a better way to use social media marketing, I made a decision to not go back to that old way. I can’t go back and just be blasting stuff all over the place because I understand marketing.

I now understand social media because I am a student and I learned what works.

State of Social Media inside the Profession

Here’s what’s happening inside of the network marketing industry. People are ruining this industry because they don’t understand what Facebook is. They think Facebook is a platform that they can just go beg people to join and if they put their company in front of enough people, people are going to join.

However, I know as well as you do this type of marketing turns people off. I’m sick to death of seeing it. I’m sick to death of seeing it in people in my company. I’m sick to death of seeing it in people in other companies. It’s unattractive. It’s very unattractive.

So, I’ve got a couple points I want to cover.

Social Media Network Marketing Tip #1

When people come in to network marketing they model the people at the top of their companies. Modeling success is a great strategy. Make sure you are modeling the right people. The top earners in network marketing are making multiple 6 figures and they typically use social media to build the company’s brand. That’s totally fine. They’re making multiple 6 figures. That works for them.

This strategy will not work for the everyday person. When you jump in your company and all you do is post the company’s information, it makes you look like a freaking idiot. It really does. People are not attracted to you.

With this marketing you’re not drawing leaders to you. You are repelling people away from you.

Social Media Network Marketing Tip #2

They way you promote your company online is a model for anyone who come in your business. So what potential business partners see is they have to get right on Facebook and show their product everywhere and they have to go beg people to join them. That’s not attractive. I’m not attracted to that. I think people would agree that that’s not very attractive. It reeks of desperation. It reeks like they really need somebody, and ultimately that doesn’t work. It doesn’t work.

Develop Good Posture to Attract Leaders

My posture’s stronger than that at my business. You don’t need any one person in your business. I go find people who are entrepreneurs. I go find people who are looking for a home business. Actually, I don’t even go find people, I put out good marketing and they come to me.

Here is a post I made recently about MLM Recruiting Posture.

I wake up everyday with 10 leads in my email inbox from people who want to work with me and I just man-742766_1920connect with those individuals. It’s really desperate when all you do is say, “Join me now, I’ll pay for you to join, I’ll pay for half of yours, you can get it at my price …” This type of message doesn’t work well, it’s not a sustainable business model, and it is not duplicatable . It also puts a sour taste in people’s mouths. It gives the profession a bad image as a whole

If you’re teaching these social media marketing strategies to your team you’re actually doing them a disservice.

Like I said earlier, i’m not perfect. I copied what my leaders did and I still had success. It’s probably because I had a good character and I had good network of people before I joined my company. I already had trust built up with my network.

Early Success Depends on Existing Network

What if you don’t have a network and all you do is blast on social media?

social media spamThen you are a SPAMMER. When all you post about is your company  it comes across as spam. It’s super spammy.

I go on Facebook because I want to know what’s going on in their life, I don’t want to know about their company and their opportunity and that this thing works and this potion works and this pill works and this travel works and this service works and people are making money and people are getting rich.

I don’t get on Facebook for to see peoples business opportunities and I hope you don’t either. I hope you get on Facebook to build relationships. Ultimately, the best way  to become successful in this business is to build relationships. This is a relationship building business. That’s ultimately what’s sustainable in business is building relationships, not turning people off.

If you’re just saying, “I don’t know any better and I’m following the people above me and that’s what they do,” well, okay. I did that too. I understand it.

But now you know if you’re reading this, open your eyes, start reaching out, start learning about marketing, and you will start having success. This industry is called Network Marketing.

Network Marketing Training

Let me break down Network Marketing for you in very simple understandable terms.


Network means you’re out and about, you’re building a network, you’re connecting, building relationships. That’s what networking is.


marketing 101

Marketing, is you’re marketing a product and getting eyeballs on your opportunity.

The foundation principal in marketing, call it the Marketing 101 Formula:

To sell more X, don’t talk about X. Talk about the benefits of X and talk about things that interest people who buy X.

X would represent your company.

If you are in a health company, you’re not going to talk about your product, you’re going to talk about the benefits of what your product can do for people. Examples would be: what about the benefits of a health product, what about the benefits of health, what about the benefits of travel, what about the benefits of making more money.

That’s what you talk about. That’s what attracts people. That’s not me, that’s called marketing and it’s been invented a long time ago and there’s actually a marketing science. You can study that if you really want to learn about marketing.

Social Media Network Marketing Rant Continued

There are a lot of people in network marketing think they can just blast their company out there enough times, someone’s going to react, but this social media network marketing strategy not going to work very well for them. If you just keep blasting your company on Facebook, people will tune you out

social media network marketing

Another horrible thing you can do is brand your company and your Facebook profile picture. You look like a walking commercial when your profile has a picture of you with your company brand on it. If you brand your company on your profile picture your basically screaming, “I want to sell you. Get in front of me because I’m going to sell you. Get in front of me please I need a sale.”

This type of social media marketing is very unattractive. You’re not taking care of people that way. That’s why when you invite people to your home meetings they don’t show up. They don’t show up because they already know everything. All they have to do is go to Google and search your company and then they see that it’s a scam or it has bad reviews or whatever.

Most network marketing companies are actually legitimate companies. Most of them are really good companies. Ninety-nine percent of the companies are actually really good opportunities. There are a ton of people making really good money in them. People are getting health benefits or travel benefits or whatever it is. Most companies are good.

People are ignorant about social media network marketing because of the way people market their opportunities over social media.

The reason there is resistance about network marketing from non-network marketers is because of terrible marketing. Like I said previously most network marketing companies are good, but the companies don’t know how to properly teach and train their consultants how market the business. It is not because the owners are bad people or want to keep their consultants form succeeding. It is because the owners of network marketing companies are not marketers, they’re networkers, or they are product developers.

They developed a product and said, “Hey, let’s use network marketing as the medium,” but they don’t understand social media network marketing because if they did they would tell you not to talk about their company on social media. They would tell you to talk about the benefits of their company.

This is my second company I have been in. I joined a company ten years ago for about one month. This will be my last company, this is my home.

Teach the Same for Offline and Online

Here is a great tip to leave you with. When I started with my current company my mentor told me how to talk with people. He told me this, “Here’s how you talk to people. You get them on the phone, you don’t say much information, and you get them to a home party or you get them to a call with a leader.” That’s what most people train for offline prospecting. What I teach my team to do is same thing. You don’t want to be blasting your stuff on social media because it’s the same thing as giving them the information over the phone before they look at the opportunity.

Google search

If people can search your opportunity before they get a chance to see the presentation, there’s no curiosity. You’re not building any attraction to it. People have all the information they need on Google. They can go Google someone’s negative opinion because and these opinions online are from people  who talked to 3 people and the business didn’t work for them so it was a scam, they went and talked to one person, they said no and immediately. So it must be a pyramid scheme, right?


Here is a video I made about this rant. I get a little fired up in it! Leave a comment below if you get value from it.

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