Social Media Prospecting 101

Social Media Prospecting 101: How To Recruit People Every Week

Social Media Prospecting 101Social media prospecting is key to consistently building your business. In today’s show I break down four key elements to help you recruit people every week.

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Four Elements to Social Media Prospecting 101

I could give you over 100 elements on social media prospecting, but I want to focus on four key areas that will yield the most for your time and efforts. My goal is to help you become a better social media recruiter, and help you never run out of people to talk with.

#1 – Facebook Profile

The first element for social media prospecting is you want to focus on your Facebook profile. You are going to be able to recruit the most people off of Facebook, so I am going to use Facebook as our example. You can also use this for any social media that you use.

If you are in network marketing you will see  a lot of people putting their company information everywhere. Most network marketers blast their company information everywhere, and it is not effective. When you reach out to people all they are going to do is research what you are doing based on what they see on your profile. They will simply Google your opportunity and they are going to find some bad review about your company. After they find the bad review they are not going to respond to you.

Don’t Show The End Of The Movie

I am not saying your company is bad. There are just bad reviews about everything you can think of on Google. There are a lot of bad reviews about how network marketing doesn’t work from people who probably never talked to one person. They will just bash a company to feel better about themselves.

If you were highly anticipating the release of a movie trailer for the next upcoming blockbuster movie, would you want to find out about how the movie ends during the trailer? I guarantee you would not and a smart movie company would not tell you either. What they do is tease you enough to make you want to see the movie even more.

Don’t give away the ending “your company” during the trailer “your profile” and you will see an increase in your social media prospecting efforts.

Make sure your profile is clean of all your company information, and it is a nice professional profile picture. It could say you are an entrepreneur and you like building businesses. Something of that nature will work really well, and really just make sure it is an attractive profile.

#2 – Connect With Your Existing Friends

The second element for social media prospecting is to connect with the Facebook friends that you already have. You most likely have friends on Facebook that you grew up with, and you might also have people that you met over the years. I personally have met hundreds if not thousands of people over the last couple of years, especially at Tony Robbins events, in the real estate industry when I was actively pursuing real estate, and just people that I meet while living my life.

Here is how you can connect or reconnect with them, I got this tip from Jessica Higdon in her 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula, is to send them a direct message.

Maybe say “Hey I just want to say I am sorry for not really building a relationship with you. I have been seeing your posts pop-up on my news feed and you know I really don’t like that Facebook as impersonal as it is, I just wanted to connect with you and see what you are doing, are you still in real estate.

Reconnect with “Facebook friends” to build your business

Jessica provides amazing scripts on how to open conversations with people on social media. You can check those scripts by clicking here.

If you send messages like this to people that already your friends on Facebook most people are going to respond, some people won’t, and that is just the numbers of it. But what you will do is you will start to get them to a point where you can communicate with them. You can start a relationship with them.

You can have two goals out of that. One is to see if they are open and two would be to make a new friend. It could lead to a prospect. It could lead to a new recruit, but if it doesn’t you have made a new friendship.

#3 Follow The Key People In Your Niche

The third element for social media prospecting is to find out who the key people are in your niche. Do some research and find their fan pages, save their fan pages so that you can go back to them easy. To save a fan page you can click a little ribbon it is almost like a bookmark and save it.

What I do personally and teach people to do is to be active on those fan pages consistently. Focus on adding value to the posts. Some of these fan pages have hundreds of thousands or millions of people who follow them. When the owners of the fan pages post you if they have a large audience then there are going to be a lot of comments.

Long Term Social Media Prospecting Strategy

Spend some time each day adding value to the posts. I wouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes to an hour on this strategy. What will happen is people will start adding you as friends, they will start friend requesting you, and you will start getting personal messages from people. You will start attracting people to you because you are adding value. People are attracted to people who add value.

This is a more long term strategy but it is one that I suggest everyone do because it is going to bring people into your sphere, into your circle, and it is really going to help you recruit more people. The goal is to put more eyeballs on what you are doing and this will help your social media prospecting efforts.

#4 Send Direct Messages To Prospect Leaders

The fourth element for social media prospecting would be to view these key people we talked about in #3 and look for people who are making great comments on their posts. Look for people you would ideally want to work with. Look for people that you would want to bring into your business and send them a direct message.

Send them a direct message and say something like, “Hey John I really like the comment that you put on Tony Robbins post. I really can relate to it. It is true you know people who set goals are more likely to achieve them than people who just float aimlessly.  Do you set goals?” That was just an example and you can adjust it depending on what their comment says.

Just relate to what they commented on and tell them hey I saw your post on Tony Robbins’ page or Gary Vaynerchuk’s page and I really liked the comment that you had on there. Then you might close it with what do you do for a living, or how long have you been doing real estate if that is what they say on their profile.

Deep Intelligence On Facebook

One thing that I really like about social media prospecting, especially on Facebook, is before you go and send them a message you can look at their profile. You can see what they do. You can see if they have a good profile picture. You can see what their background is. You can see if they have kids. You find a lot of information about people and it really helps you because you kind of know what to talk about. You have information that will help you build a relationship with them.

These are four key elements of social media prospecting you can really use to prospect for your network marketing business and bring people in your business weekly. This is exactly what we do.

Quick Recap for Social Media Prospecting

  • One – make sure your profile picture is clean and make sure that it is just really attractive and professional.
  • Two – reach out to the friends that you already have on Facebook. Tell them that you want to connect and that you want to build a relationship.
  • Three – comment on fan pages of the key people in your market and your niche.
  • Four – direct message people who are commenting on number threes posts and actively prospect people.

I think something that would be beneficial to your network marketing business that would help you focus on social media prospecting would be to get Jessica Higdon’s Social Media Recruiting Formula. You can check it out by clicking here.

Jessica Higdon, Ray Higdon’s wife, has a social media recruiting formula and you can get valuable information from that. Right now she has a four part video series she is teaching and training on how to use social media prospecting in your business and I have used it this week. One of the first tips I gave you was actually from her very first free video.

Here is an additional resource on social media prospecting:

Should you be prospecting on Facebook? I wrote a blog post the other day breaking down why you should be using Facebook to prospect for you business. You click here to find out more information about Facebook prospecting.



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