We Don't Teach Social Media Recruiting Here

Social Media Recruiting: What If Your Upline Doesn’t Teach You How

We Don't Teach Social Media Recruiting Here In today’s episode, I am going to tell you what to do if your upline doesn’t teach you social media recruiting. The best way to build a business is using social media recruiting, so you need to learn how to use it fast.

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{Training} On Social Media Recruiting

My friends, mentors, and coaches the Higdon’s (Ray and Jessica) have just released their course the 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula. My wife Bianca and I have been using Jessica’s social media recruiting formula for over a year now and have been able to consistently prospect and recruit because of what she teaches. Click here to check out her course!

What If Your Upline Doesn’t Teach Social Media Recruiting

I want to share with you the four thoughts I covered in the video.

  1. This is your business
  2. Don’t rely on your upline to build your business
  3. Model success
  4. Teach your downline social media recruiting

This is your business

There is a mentality when people come into network marketing that the business is going to be built for you. Somehow you won the lottery and your organization is magically built for you.

My suspicion this happens because there are people who recruit in this profession that will do anything to “GET” you into their business. They will say anything to “GET” you to sign up.

I am a person who tells it like it is. Only you will build your business. You may get help, but your long-term success in network marketing depends upon you. So take ownership of your business and make things happen based on your efforts.

Don’t rely on your upline to build your business

This goes back to point number one. You build your business. Here is a bit of advice from a veteran network marketer. Don’t rely on your upline to do anything for you.

Now you may have an amazing upline in this business. That is awesome if you do, but don’t rely on them to do anything for you. Take ownership of your organization and build it as you see fit. You get paid on your efforts not theirs.

I’m not trying to be harsh. I’m trying to show you to rely on yourself and not depend on other people.

Model Success

If you upline is great at social media recruiting follow what they teach. If they post on Facebook daily about their company with company images and company branding DO NOT follow what they are doing and teaching.

The true secret to success is modeling others who have achieved what you want. Find someone like me or the Higdon’s and model what they are doing. I am not saying quit your company and join another company. I am just saying observe what people are doing and model it. This is exactly what I have done to go from broke to financially independent in 20 months.

Teach your downline social media recruiting

But wait…you just said we shouldn’t rely on anyone. So my downline shouldn’t rely on me?


You need to be an amazing upline. YOUR downline is YOUR organization.

I just told you not to rely on your upline. You need to be the best upline by teaching your downline how to duplicate what you are doing. Teach your team how to use social media recruiting and your business will explode.

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