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How To Streamline Blog Video Editing

Here I will share exactly what I do for blog video editing quickly and how to create blog posts out of your videos.Blog Video Editing

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Blog Video Editing Steps

I have a PC and not a Mac, so I am not sure what software to use for a Mac. After I edit my videos the steps for creating blog posts quickly is the same regardless of the computer type.

Step 1

Shoot a video with your phone. You don’t need a fancy camera. Smartphones are very good now. You don’t need a fancy camera because the pixels are really good on the iPhoness, Androids and every smartphone in the market. They’re really good. You don’t need to go buy a fancy camera to start making videos for your blog.

Here is a post I made on How To Make Videos

Step 2

After you shoot the video, upload it to your phone. If you have a PC you can upload through Photo Gallery. This is the easiest way I have found to get my videos on my computer quickly.

I upload it on Photo Gallery, then I open it up Movie Maker. I believe you can use iMovies with your Mac.

When I start my video, I pause for a second or two and this say, “Hi, this is Dennis Ray Taylor.” At the end of the video I will say, “Thanks for coming, I look forward to seeing you next time.” Then I pause for a second or to before I press stop.

I create those breaks so when I have them in Movie Maker, I can quickly edit the videos. I can edit out the front, and I can edit out the end.

Step 3

Then I go into Movie Maker to make my blog video editing. I just cut out what I don’t want and then publish it as a video.

Step 4

After I publish it as a video, I take that newly created video and upload it on to YouTube. I also upload it to Wistia for my business. You do not have to use Wistia. YouTube is sufficient if you are just starting out.

Step 5

Those are the steps to become a master at blog video editing.

I now use my Ninja skills to turn that blog video into the actual post.

The reason why I put it in Youtube is two fold.

  1. YouTube is great for traffic and is an excellent search engine, which can provide you some good organic traffic.
  2. I am able to use the YouTube URL to turn that video into words very quickly. I will let you know the strategy I use is not free but is extremely efficient.

After uploading into YouTube I use a service called Rev. Com to get the video transcribed. On you can get your videos or audios transcribed at $1 per minute.

I have transcribe my videos and then I turn them into blog posts. So for about a four minute video, it’s going to cost you $4 but you are going to get about a 900 to a thousand word article that you can edit.

It’s not going to be perfect grammar because you’re talking in your video you don’t have perfect grammar.

Just edit your post as you like. Put your key words in the article and then you have an amazing blog post!

Here is a video on how I use blog video editing in my business. Feel free to comment or share if you get value from it!

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