How To Create Success in Network Marketing with A Fan Page

How To Create Success In Network Marketing Using A Fan Page

How To Create Success in Network Marketing with A Fan PageHere in today’s show, I go over how you can create success in network marketing using a fan page. Facebook is the best tool to build your business, but this strategy is only for people looking to build a big business.

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How To Create Success in Network Marketing Using a Fan Page

If you are not serious about building a network marketing business, these strategies are not for you. They are not for people who what to just get their product for free. These strategies are for someone who is looking to build an empire, and they want to build an asset with their fan page. This is for people looking to create success in network marketing using Facebook.

A correctly built Facebook fan page can bring you success in network marketing. But…building a good fan page is going to take time, energy, effort, commitment, persistence, and some money. How much money you put into it just depends on how aggressive you want to be with these strategies.

Leveraging a fan page correctly will help build your brand. It will position you as an authority and as an expert. That is going to build your brand as a network marketer. When you become an authority and expert it is going to attract people to you. It really will. When you are seen as an expert and as a leader, people are going to be drawn to you because people are drawn to leaders.

Follow The Leader

The reality of the world we live in, is people like to follow the leader. When you build up a fan page correctly using the methods I teach and train on you are going to start seeing more people reach out to you.

More people are going to be messaging you trying to connect, ask you questions, ask your for help, inviting you on podcasts, inviting you to be interviewed, and you are going to start being viewed in a different light. When you are being viewed in this light success in network marketing is right around the corner.

People are going to start seeing you as the leader you are. You would not be wanting to build an Empire in network marketing unless you were a leader.

Branding and Positioning

I like a fan page because of the branding and the positioning. Those are super crucial if you want to make recruiting easier. When you recruit using social media like I teach, people are going to do their homework on you and you will be seen as a leader. It makes the whole recruiting process much easier.

Because when you reach out to someone they are going to check your fan page out and they will think,  “Man, this guy/girl is an authority. This guy’s/girl’s a leader. I want to follow him/her.”

This will bring down a lot of the shields and the resistance that people naturally have when they are being recruited. Success in network marketing is so much easier when you are able to get past the resistance in cold market recruiting.

Facebook Ads Are Awesome

Another thing that I really like about Facebook fan pages is your ability to use advertisement. You cannot advertise in your personal profile. You have to have a fan page for that, and you have to have an ads account set up.

What I like on the advertising is you can target a specific audience. You can target specific audiences that are your ideal customers or business partners.

In marketing you are always told to target your ideal customer. With Facebook ads you can narrow down your audience dramatically. This alone if used properly will lead to success in network marketing.

Basic Ads To Run

A couple campaigns I suggest for people getting started is a like campaign and video views campaigns.

Like Ads

Like ads are basic and can build up your followers over time. However, if you do not know what you are doing with these ads you can waste your money. I implement two different like ad strategies.

  1. I run ads targeting the leaders in my niche on automatic bids. With automatic bids Facebook charges you an average per like cost. These are not the lowest ads you can run. I have built out audiences targeted exactly like I want them. These ads have been optimized to be low cost and high volume. However, they are not the cheapest.
  2. I run the same ads as the first strategy, however on these ads I set the bids to be manual. With manual bids, I can select how much I want to spend per like. I keep these bids very low. I will get only a few of these likes per day but they will drip over time and be very very cheap.

Video View Ads

Video ads are hot right now. Facebook is putting so much emphasis on videos right now, and you need to be taking advantage of it. Whether you post a video or broadcast a Facebook Live video, you can get these videos to be viewed by your target audience for between $0.01-$0.02 per view. This is extremely cheep.

For $5 you can get over 500 views on your video. If your content is good people are going to share it, which will bring you organic traffic. This is the cheapest advertising I know of right now.

If you shoot your videos correctly and provide a call to action you will have people reaching out to you for more information. You can say,”Hey, reach out to me if you’re looking for this, or reach out to me if you’re looking for that.”

Ads are going to expand your reach and your followers. If you are serious about building up an asset with your Facebook fan page you need to start using ads. In my free training I am going to show you exactly how to do this.

Facebook Buttons

Facebook Fan Page ButtonAnother thing I like about the fan page is you can set up buttons. A button on your fan page gives your followers a way to reach out to you. They can sign up for something you are giving away.

I have a signup button on my fan page, it allows my followers to sign up for my free give away called My Secret 7-Step Blueprint to Dominate Social Media Marketing.

You could do the exact same thing with your fan page. You could create a free giveaway that people trade their information for your giveaway. This will give you the information where you can follow up with them. They become a lead in you business. You can then connect with them. You can see if they have a need, or how you can help them. Then its as simple as seeing if there is a fit for your business. This will help you have success in network marketing.

What To Post?

I suggest you post the following:

  • Quotes
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Valuable Content

Have the mindset that you are going to put valuable content into the market place. The content does not have to be yours, just be a curator of great content.

Focus on finding good content all over the internet and push it through your fan page. If you do not have a blog or do not create your own content then go find stuff off the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, Tony Robbins, etc. Put it on your fan page, and people will appreciate that. If you consistently post valuable content on your fan page your followers will start going back and back and back to your fan page.

After a while of using these strategies, you are going to start having people reach out to you. If you set up your settings for you fan page where you allow people to message you, then you will start receiving direct messages from your followers. Make sure you respond to them. Be a real person and they’ll appreciate that.

I am focused on using my fan page as my social media hub and I believe you should too.


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