The Best Time to Join a Company

The best time to join a company is going to be different for everybody. Timing is very crucial. I was talking to a potential business partner last night, and he told me he had looked at several different companies over the last couple of years. He continued to tell me he has never joined a company yet because he did not feel like it was the right timing.

I have narrowed down the best time to join a company to 4 different times. The 4 different times are based off of me studying the industry and my personal experience.

  1. When You Are Ready to Run!!!

The absolute best time for anyone to join a home based company is when they are 100% ready to get started, and run after the business. Making a decision to start a home based business is not a small thing. Building a home business is hard, and it takes a lot of work.

You will have to be willing to dedicate consistent amount of time and capital to build your business.

When you feel you are ready to run after business everyday with consistency, then you should join the company you are looking at. In my opinion, you should not join a company until you are ready to commit to building a business.

  1. Before a Company Convention

I love helping people get started before a big company convention. Well let me clarify, I love helping people get started before a big company convention if they GO to the convention. Company conventions are critical for growth in our industry. Teams that bring the most people to a convention will be the teams that explode out of convention.

Belief in the company and in the products is built at the convention through all the health testimonies and success stories. You get to see everyday people like yourself having success, and you get also inspired to be right where they are.

When my wife and I got on stage to get our award at the last company convention, it had a real impact on one of my leaders on our team. He told me he wanted to be on the stage at the next convention. He got inspired because of other people’s success, and it has propelled him to the next level in his business.

We are looking forward to our next company convention in February 2016 in San Antonio. Our company is unveiling a new branding concept and a huge announcement. We have made it a point to get as many people to the convention as possible. Consultants, guests, customers…anyone we can get there. It is going to be a powerful event, and we want others to experience it with us!

  1. The Company is Blowing Up

Another great time to join a company is when the company is doing extremely well. If a company is getting positive exposure in the media and there is a buzz surrounding the company, it would be a great time to join that company.

If the company you join has good exposure and publicity, you would not have a hard time introducing the opportunity to people. You would not have to convince people to join you in business. You would be able to use all of the company’s exposure to show people what your opportunity is.

  1. The Company is Established as a Powerhouse  

Most people will tell you the best time to join a company is when it is on the ground floor, but I disagree with that statement. During the beginning of any company, there are going to be hurdles and speed bumps the company will have to go through. Most companies do not make it more than 5 years.

You want to join an established company that has a track record of success. You want to join a company that has shown it can grow and still keep going. Some companies outgrow their sales, and the business infrastructure is just not there to support growth like that.

You want to plug into a company with proven systems on how to be successful. Training is crucially important for new people, and most established companies have amazing trainings.

Just remember timing is critical for your success in any business. When you get to the point where you want to join a company, and you get some butterflies in your stomach, those are not there telling you not to join. Most people get a little nervous when they make a big decision to make a commitment to something. Push past your feelings, and never look back. Go change your life like we have done, and you will not be sorry. Having financial freedom is possible, but it is not free. You have to be willing to give up something for that freedom. Trust me it is SO worth it!


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