3 Social Media Network Marketing Branding Tips

Three Social Media Network Marketing Branding Tips

3 Social Media Network Marketing Branding TipsHere in today’s episode, I give you 3 social media network marketing branding tips. If you want to build a large organization you need to be able to attract people to you. Social media is the best tool you can leverage to make this happen.

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Social Media Network Marketing Branding

I am going to show you three simple ways to use social media to brand yourself. These are tips I use in my business. By using these tips I have people coming to me every single day, asking me for advice, asking me what my business I am in, and looking to join my business.

#1 – Fan Page

The first thing is a Facebook fan page/business page. They are essentially the same. Should you have one or should you not? If you want to build a social media network marketing brand you should use a fan page.

If you want to elevate yourself to the next level you need a fan page. A fan page is going to allow you to reach more people. It will also allow you, if you choose, to run advertisement. Using Facebook ads you can target people. You can put your message in front of the people you want in your business.

Using a Fan page you can get more people and more eyeballs on your opportunity.

A Facebook personal profile is limited to a certain amount of friends. You can only get up to 5,000 friends. However, a fan page can be unlimited. You need to have a fan page. I teach my team to leverage this and train on this. It is something that you need to implement right away.

#2 – Engagement & Activity

Building a social media network marketing brand is not going to be accomplished overnight. It will take persistence, effort, and consistency. If you do want to go big quick I suggest you post a lot on your fan page. But be consistent in both your message and amount of posts.

Post a lot of stuff and engage your audience on your posts. I have gone in depth on this before too but post quotes, articles, pictures of your lifestyle, and pictures of where you are going. When people comment on your posts, make sure to reach out to them and make sure to give them some kind of personal touch. You can’t automate personal touch, but you can really make people feel special by interacting with them. You can create raving fans by adding value to people and recognizing them

One piece of advice would be to make sure you stay clear of putting company branding on your fan page. Brand yourself because people join people.

#3 – Videos Make You King/Queen

Hands down, if you make videos every single day about network marketing, about building a brand, about helping people, and adding value to the market place you are going to be seen as a leader and an authority.

People who make videos are the exception. They are not the rule. When you take a stand and do something that not everyone is willing to do, you are going to rise above others.

Making videos daily will cause you to be viewed in a different light, it is going to cause people to be attracted to you, and people are going to start reaching out to you every single day.

Videos are the future and you need to make this a focus if you are building a network marketing company.

You can make two types videos on Facebook. Either Facebook live broadcasts or pre-recorded. Either of them are work great, but I suggest doing a Facebook live broadcast every day. Focus on adding value in your videos.

What Do I Say In My Videos?

But Dennis I don’t know what to say in my videos. How will I always have something new to talk about?

Don’t worry about content. Since you are a true network marketer and serious about becoming successful in network marketing,  you are into personal development every single day. The people who struggle with what to say daily are not consuming enough content. Make sure that you are consuming content daily and you will have no problem putting content out in the marketplace.

I hope these three tips help you with your social media network marketing branding. If you found value from this post, please feel free to share it out, tweet it out, and send it to your team members. Let them use this information to build their business.

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