What Is Snapchat: 7 Reasons You Need To Be Using Snapchat

What Is SnapchatWhat is Snapchat? I get asked this question almost every time I talk about the app to anyone not a millennial or younger.

Today I am going to show you 7 reason you need to be using Snapchat if you are build an online business.

Feel free to share this with anyone you know looking to build more engagement on a social media app, or anyone looking to go to the next level in their business.

What is Snapchat?

Future. Now. Responsive.

Those are three words I would use to describe Snapchat, because this app is very different and ahead of its time. But at the same time it is perfect for today’s time. The most important aspect of the app is the responsiveness of the users.

Everything is in the moment because stories disappear.

Snaps disappear after 24 hours, so people have to stay up with the people they follow or they will lose out on something important.

Let’s digress…Snapchat is perfect for our society because it’s the reality lifestyle show of…the user. The user essentially becomes a media channel. The “Dennis Taylor Show” starring me everyday. And people pile up to come out and see it from the comfort of their..

…well where ever they are because my “show” follows them around on their smart phone.

Reality TV sells, this is why it’s everywhere. Snapchat has made two big distinctions on this front:

  1. The user is the star of the show
  2. The consumer gets the show in bite size pieces

This is the key, “bite size” pieces, or “Snaps.” It’s is perfect for our society…the attention span of anyone is about 7 seconds, so with a limit on 10 second Snaps, Snapchat meets both requirements perfectly.

Reality and Short Clips of Content

But lets press onward..why you don’t want to not be using Snapchat daily

7 Reasons You Need To Be Using Snapchat

1) Very Easy

By far one of the easiest apps to use. Take a picture or up to a 10 second video. That’s all.

Well… you can get more technical and use some advanced strategies with filters, coloring, text, ect., but you don’t have to use that stuff if you don’t want to.

Click a picture or shoot a short video clip and you have a Snap. I tell people I love how it is like a “Snap” and then I snap my fingers together in a cheesy way with emphasis.

2) Little time commitment

Adding to your story can really add up. A full story on Snapchat is going to run you in the neighborhood of 4-5 minutes of time in the app all day….lol

Very little time needs to be invested to use the app the right way and be effective with it. Say the same thing about your usage on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for that matter..don’t worry I’ll wait.

The Return on Investment on my time with Snapchat is 10X, 50X, or even 100X more than the return I get with Facebook.

For me that is important, because I have 2 little children under the age of 3 and my time is valuable.

3) Deep Intelligence

If you are running a business, having the ability to see the number of people viewing your content on a regular basis is very good data.

Snapchat shows you exactly how many people view your Snaps.

You know how many watch you. They know nothing!!!

Very deep intelligence as a marketer and business entrepreneur.

Go to Facebook and you don’t have info like that. What you do have are posts where you can see exactly how many likes, comments, and shares. You can see who is getting engagement and who isn’t.

Snapchat lets you also know who is viewing your Snaps. Very deep intelligence and I will leave it there.

One other intelligence I love about Snapchat is my ability to see what stories my following really loves and what they don’t.

You can look at your story for example, let’s say you post 5 (10 second) videos about a topic. If your views hold then you know your audience likes that type of content. If not it could look like this:

1st (10 second clip) 100 views

2nd (10 second clip) 98 views

3rd (10 second clip) 75 views

4th (10 second clip) 65 views

5th (10 second clip) 50 views

Based on this example, you would know your audience really didn’t feel what you were talking about.

As a marketer and business person you have to be looking for things like this. For my Snap video sequences my goal is to retain a 90% viewer ratio. The one above is a 50% and would be deleted off of my story.

4) Better engagement

I have personally seen better engagement from people on Snapchat. People who follow you everyday are more likely to respond to you when you ask them to message you.

It’s the nature of Snapchat.

If people want your content then they need to tune in daily. And they will tune in daily because it’s very little time investment on their part.

Engagement is better because they really do follow you. Daily they follow you. Daily they consume what you put out.

5) Branding

I love how you can build a brand very easily in Snapchat. You have the ability to build your own media channel.

You can be whoever you want to be with Snapchat. Expand your vision. Become the person you want to be when you use this app.

Building your brand is very important in business and life. The more branding exposure you have the quicker you will have success.

Have an intention and focus on branding when you use the app. Make sure all of your Snaps are congruent with your brand.

6) Very Hot right now w/user usage

Snapchat is on FIRE!!!

People who use Snapchat regularly are spending more time in the app compared to other social media platforms.


Because like I said you can quickly follow your favorite Snaps and be apart of their life. You see people for who they are because you can’t be fake on Snap.

Snapchat is not Facebook posts, Instagram updates, or Tweets. It has the “behind the scenes” feel to the Snaps.

7) Think FB in 2008

I remember the when you had to have a .edu email to get on Facebook.

Then, they opened the flood gates and let everyone in. Just do me a favor and go “google” Facebook’s growth history. It will blow your mind.

Snapchat does have a younger audience, but like other social media apps, sooner or later adults jump on board. First movers are usually the ones who are able to leverage the growth because they have an established following.

Imagine having a large brand on Snapchat before everyone jumps on…what would that feel like….

Amazing. Free. Powerful.____________

Exactly. Snapchat is very powerful and you need to be using it daily.

How Do I Build My Following On Snapchat?

Hustle. Work. Connecting.

I put together a FREE RESOURCE and you can have it for free by clicking here. These are my top 19 ways to build your Snapchat following.

I thought this was very cool

This video shows in five minutes the viral nature of Snapchat. Although the audience in this video is young, don’t let this keep you from not getting on Snapchat.

Just like most social media apps, youth is the beginning and then there is a move towards adult audiences.

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